High quality internal and external cladding

Step into contemporary design with the blonde tones of Blackbutt timber from Modinex. Responsibly sourced from local plantations, our Blackbutt timber is the perfect choice for Australia’s tough environments, where it offers performance and beauty all in one.

Elevate Your Design With Blackbutt Timber

Modinex offers a range of Blackbutt timber products that can elevate any exterior or interior design. Known for its straight grain and blonde tones, Blackbutt offers a contemporary aesthetic that can blend into the natural landscape, or stand out against the urban environment. Our selection includes cladding, decking, screens and feature details, all produced from responsibly-sourced Blackbutt timber. As a native Australian hardwood, Blackbutt is especially suited to our local climate, and its durability makes it the ideal finish for every space.

We supply Blackbutt timber in a variety of profiles and finishes, all with a simple installation system. Our installation system reduces expense and time on site, and it makes it easy to find the trims and accessories that match your vision. Along with options for custom profiles, Modinex can supply a Blackbutt timber solution for any design you have in mind.



Blackbutt Timber FAQs

Why is Blackbutt called Blackbutt?

Blackbutt trees get their name from the rough bark at the base of the tree. This bark is a darker shade than the rest of the tree, and it’s often charred by past bushires. The upper parts of Blackbutt trees tend to have little or no bark. Instead, the smooth . . .

Is Blackbutt a good timber?

Blackbutt is an excellent timber species for facades, cladding, decking, screens and more. As an exceptionally tough hardwood, Blackbutt timber is resistant to moisture, pests and bushfire, and it’s prized for its aesthetic appeal. Combined, these things make Blackbutt a good choice of timber for any exterior or interior application.

What are the advantages of Blackbutt?

The benefits of Blackbutt timber include: Durability – The major benefit of Blackbutt timber is that it’s highly durable. It holds a Class 1 Durability Rating, making it resistant to moisture, pests and decay.  Aesthetic appeal – Blackbutt is known for its bright, blonde tones. These are extremely popular in . . .

What type of wood is Blackbutt?

Blackbutt is a hardwood timber. It’s a species of eucalypt that is known for its straight trunks that can reach heights of up to 40 metres. Blackbutt trees are native to the east coast of Australia, where they can be sourced from responsibly managed plantations. As a hardwood, Blackbutt timber . . .

What is Blackbutt good for?

Due to its rapid growth and high performance, Blackbutt timber is highly versatile and is suitable for interior and exterior applications. It’s commonly installed in both residential and commercial projects, where it can be used for cladding, decking, screening, feature walls and structural framework.

What is the life expectancy of Blackbutt timber?

When installed outdoors, above ground, Blackbutt timber is expected to last for 40+ years. With proper care, exterior Blackbutt timbers have been known to last substantially longer. Speak to the Modinex team to learn more about maintaining Blackbutt timber products. Regular maintenance protects the timber against moisture, pests and the . . .

What class rating is Blackbutt?

Blackbutt timber has a Class 1 Durability Rating. This rating is based on whether the timber is resistant to moisture and pests when installed outdoors.

What is the difference between Spotted Gum and Blackbutt?

Spotted Gum and Blackbutt are two of Australia’s most popular timber species. They both provide excellent performance. The main difference is that Blackbutt offers uniform colours that range from blonde to light brown. In comparison, Spotted Gum varies dramatically from board to board, offering a less uniform finish. Blackbutt timber . . .
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