Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium Cladding Panels

Beautiful, high-quality timber look aluminium cladding

Design incredible spaces with architecturally designed aluminium cladding panels by Modinex. With a range that blends the durability of aluminium and the beauty of natural timber, our aluminium cladding solutions are the perfect touch for your creation.



Architecturally Inspired Aluminium Cladding

Elevate, inspire and protect your contemporary design with aluminium cladding designed for Australia’s harshest environments. Built for durability and versatility, our aluminium battens and panels are some of our highest-performing claddings. Produced using high-quality aluminium and rugged powder coating finishes, our panels offer sophistication that will last a lifetime. 

Available in a wide variety of profiles and wood-look finishes, Modinex’s range is crafted for architects, designers and visionaries. Our aluminium battens and cladding panels are matched with a simple installation system. We offer a complete range of accessories and finishing details, allowing your team to deliver stunning facades in less time than ever.

Aluminium Cladding FAQs

Is aluminium cladding expensive?

Aluminium cladding panels tend to be slightly more expensive than high-quality timber cladding alternatives. The price of aluminium cladding depends on the quality of materials, the coating system applied and the complexity of the design. While it may cost slightly more, aluminium cladding is extremely versatile, and the uniformity of . . .

What are the advantages of aluminium cladding?

When used as exterior cladding and internal linings, aluminium cladding offers several advantages: High durability Very low maintenance requirements Excellent fire resistance Sustainability and recyclability Long lifespan Aesthetic appeal Improved thermal efficiency Lightweight alternative to timber, glass and steel These benefits make aluminium battens and panels some of the most . . .

What is the purpose of aluminium cladding?

Aluminium cladding is a protective layer that’s typically added to the exterior of residential and commercial buildings. The cladding protects the building from the sun and elements, extending its lifespan. Cladding can also be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a structure. When finished with coloured, textured or wood-look . . .

How long does aluminium cladding last?

Aluminium cladding can easily last for 20+ years with proper maintenance and care. The longevity of aluminium depends on environmental factors, coatings, material quality and the quality of installation. You can extend the lifespan of aluminium cladding by washing it regularly and installing it according to Modinex’s specifications.

How thick should aluminium cladding be?

Solid aluminium cladding panels are typically 4mm to 6mm thick. Aluminium battens are produced in hollow profiles with a similar material thickness. As a highly rigid metal, this material thickness provides excellent stability without unnecessarily increasing the weight of our claddings.

Does aluminium cladding get hot?

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, which helps aluminium cladding stay cool. The cladding reflects and absorbs heat. Heat that’s absorbed is dissipated by the ventilation that surrounds the cladding layer. This means aluminium cladding panels are very effective at improving the thermal efficiency of a building, helping to . . .

Is aluminium cladding a fire hazard?

No, aluminium cladding is not a fire hazard. As a non-combustible metal, aluminium will melt when exposed to extreme heat for a prolonged time, rather than catching fire. Powder coating finishes also protect cladding panels from becoming easily charred when exposed to open flames.

How do you maintain aluminium cladding?

Exterior aluminium cladding can be maintained with regular cleaning. Simply wash your panels or aluminium battens with warm water and a mild soap. This should be enough to remove most types of surface contaminants, such as dust and dirt. Tough stains and greasy marks can be removed with a detergent . . .

Is aluminium cladding better than composite panels?

Aluminium cladding is a strong and durable alternative to composite panel cladding. While composite panels are a fantastic material, aluminium cladding is tough, lightweight and long-lived. This means it offers superior performance in most applications. Modinex may recommend composite and engineered cladding options for some types of projects. Contact our . . .

Why choose aluminium for cladding?

Whether you opt for aluminium cladding that looks like timber or aluminium screens, there are a number of benefits to choosing aluminium. While aluminium battens are attractive and stylish in appearance, this is just one of the many benefits of this versatile material. The light-weight of our aluminium battens, coupled . . .
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