External Timber Cladding & Exterior Wall Cladding Panels

Add unmatched style and quality to your project with Modinex’s outstanding range of external timber cladding profiles and exterior wall cladding panels that stand out from the crowd. Whatever your construction needs, transform outdoor spaces with Modinex’s selection of the finest exterior and external cladding.

Prepare to be spoilt for choice and enjoy the freedom of fully customisable construction with Modinex's range of external wall cladding.

Add depth and individuality to your design with the elegance of wall cladding panels or a timber batten screen. Alongside the incredible aesthetics, exterior wall cladding maintains the structural integrity of buildings, provides a layer of protection against harsh weather conditions, and acts as an insulator with a strong resistance to heat flow.

Explore our wide range of architectural cladding options from aluminium cladding, red cedar cladding and iron bark cladding, we have a large variety of materials and colours to choose from.

Timber Exterior House Panels

Durable, easy to install and a long-lasting high performer. A composite finish will provide the beauty of timber with next to no maintenance. Modinex’s range of realistic, exterior house cladding offers a selection of authentic external cladding finishes, without the need for timber. Timber look cladding is perfect for reducing the amount of maintenance required when compared to traditional exterior cladding options. If you’re after a customisable  cladding finish, chat with the Modinex team today about what options we can provide.

Hardwood Cladding Panels

Perfect for home exteriors, Modinex’s range of hardwood external wall cladding panels provide added protection and incomparable beauty to just about any setting. Choose your hardwood external wall cladding profile from various species and colours to achieve a prestigious finish that will give depth and warmth to your exterior.

Western Red Cedar Cladding

Our Western Red Cedar external cladding is one of our most popular timber species for a reason. This unique softwood species provides a durable external cladding option – with an Australian Durability Rating of 2. Our range of Western Red Cedar external wall cladding is resistant to cupping, warping, shrinking, and is a timeless classic that offers a stunning finish. We can achieve seamless results with Western Red Cedar in many of our cladding profiles.

Aluminium Cladding

A new, innovative cladding solution that looks like timber, but offers full fire protection. Aluminium in an external cladding setting provides a durable, lightweight and fire rated alternative to the traditional exterior timber cladding options. Modinex’s external aluminium cladding is also available in timber look finishes, meaning you don’t need to comprise on your desired finish if you prefer more natural styles for your exterior wall panelling.

External Cladding FAQs

What is external cladding?

External wall cladding acts as an additional protective layer for your home, whilst also aesthetically improving the look and feel of your house. External wall cladding panels are applied to the exterior of your home, are non-loadbearing and help protect your home against the environment and weather.

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