Exterior Cladding

Add unmatched style and quality to your project with Modinex’s outstanding range of external cladding profiles that stand out from the crowd. Whatever your construction needs, transform outdoor spaces with Modinex’s selection of the finest vertical timber cladding and panelling.

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External Cladding Solutions

Prepare to be spoilt for choice, and enjoy the freedom of fully customisable construction.

Add depth and individuality to your design with the elegance of external cladding. Alongside the incredible aesthetics, external wall cladding maintains the structural integrity of buildings, provides a layer of protection against harsh weather conditions, and acts as an insulator with a strong resistance to heat flow.

Explore our wide range of cladding options and completely transform the exterior of your project. We use premium materials including:

  • Composites: Durable, easy to install and a long-lasting high performer. A composite finish will provide the beauty of timber with next to no maintenance.
  • Hardwoods: Choose from various species and colours to achieve a prestigious finish that will give depth and warmth to your exterior.
  • Western Red Cedar: A timeless classic that offers a stunning finish. We can achieve seamless results with Western Red Cedar in many of our cladding profiles.
  • Aluminium: A new, innovative cladding solution that looks like timber, but offers full fire protection.


External Cladding FAQs

What is external cladding?

External cladding acts as an additional protective layer for your home, whilst also aesthetically improving the look and feel of your house. It is applied to the exterior of your home, is non-loadbearing and helps protect your home against the environment and weather.

What timber is best for external cladding?

Western Red Cedar is often referred to as the best timber for external cladding, due to its durable nature, versatile design options, and ease to work with. Outside of our composite cladding options, at Urbanline we are avid users of Western Red Cedar for our external cladding projects and recommend it highly.

Can I use softwood cladding outside?

Softwoods can definitely be used for exterior cladding outside, with Western Red Cedar being one of our most popular external cladding options, which is a softwood timber.

How to install external timber cladding

External timber cladding can be installed in 10 steps, however, should be handled by builders, installers, specifiers, or competent handymen. These steps include:

  1. Apply building wrap
  2. Batten over the building wrap
  3. Create a gap to let moisture out
  4. Check your cladding before applying
  5. Seal the back face
  6. Install the cladding
  7. Apply fixings
  8. Apply joins
  9. Finish wall ends, corners doors and windows
  10. Preserve your exterior cladding timber

What is cheaper bricks or cladding?

External cladding is often a more affordable option when compared to bricking and can also be a faster installation process.

Is planning permission required for external cladding?

For residential applications in Australia, permission would not be required for replacing external cladding, however for major projects such as commercial jobs, planning permission would most likely be needed.

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