Blend into nature or design a home that stands out with Modinex’s range of spotted gum timber decking and claddin

Modinex designs, manufactures and supplies Spotted Gum timber decking and cladding that’s a cut above. Blending the natural beauty of Spotted Gum with the simplicity of our cladding system, our products deliver long lasting protection and style.

Spotted Gum cladding serves as the perfect finishing touch for any interior or exterior design. Available in a variety of natural tones, profiles, colours and finishes, our Spotted Gum products are ready for every application.

Explore our range of Spotted Gum timber cladding online, or speak to our team if you’d like to experience our products for yourself.

Natural Spotted Gum Cladding

Cladding has the ability to transform your design project. If you want to blend into Australia’s beautiful bushland, or bring a touch of nature to an urban setting, Spotted Gum cladding can achieve your vision.

Modinex supplies a specialist range of locally sourced Spotted Gum claddings, linings and decking products.

Our selection is ideal for architects, designers and builders with exacting standards. With an experienced team and custom manufacturing capabilities, Modinex can deliver any project.

Spotted Gum Decking

Modinex’s range of Spotted Gum cladding is suited to indoor and outdoor installation. In addition to our claddings and linings, Modinex also produces Spotted Gum decking.

Spotted Gum is uniquely suited to decking applications, where it provides long-term performance and beauty.

InStyle natural timber decking is one of our most elegant solutions. Rounded profiles soften the look, while the colouration of Spotted Gum delivers a rich finish that can warm up any outdoor space.

Combined with Spotted Gum cladding, our decking products deliver unmatched sophistication.

Australian Made and Manufactured

Sustainability is built into everything we do at Modinex. We’re committed to preserving Australia’s natural environment. To maintain this promise, our Spotted Gum products are made from responsibly sourced hardwoods and are processed in our local manufacturing facilities.

Modinex maintains strong partnerships with forest owners in Australia. Their support allows us to access a consistent supply of PEFC™ certified timber. This ensures we can continue providing incredible products, greater transparency to clients, and protect the world around us.

Pre-Oiled Spotted Gum Cladding

Spotted Gum is a naturally oily timber that provides excellent protection against Australia’s weather conditions. For improved long-term performance, we recommend treating our Spotted Gum cladding with oil to protect against fire, termites and harsh sunlight.

Modinex can simplify your next installation by pre-oiling Spotted Gum timber products. Factory pre-oiling improves the look and feel of our products, saves time during onsite and enhances protection by giving the oil a chance to soak into the timber.

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