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Craft spaces that make the most of their natural surroundings with Spotted Gum timber products from Modinex. Stunning, durable and highly versatile, our Spotted Gum timber can elevate your design with rich timber, wavy grain and incredible performance.

Spotted Gum


Premium Spotted Gum Timber Products

Spotted Gum is a gorgeous finish and an enduring favourite among the Modinex range. With products that include cladding, decking, battens and accessories, we can provide a complete system for your next project. Featuring rich hues, stunning natural variation and an elegant finish, Spotted Gum timber is the perfect addition to any design.

This hard-wearing, low-maintenance timber species offers incredible performance in exterior and interior applications, and it can be customised to suit your creative vision. Modinex works with designers, builders and architects throughout Australia. Our Spotted Gum products look perfect in every setting, so we can supply a finish that matches any design. You can explore the range online at any time, or speak with our team about designing custom Spotted Gum timber products.

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Cladding has the ability to transform your design project. If you want to blend into Australia’s beautiful bushland, or bring a touch of nature to an urban setting, Spotted Gum cladding can achieve your vision. Modinex supplies a specialist range of locally sourced Spotted Gum claddings, linings and batten products. These can be installed externally as cladding and screening, or internally on ceilings and walls. Our selection is ideal for architects, designers and builders with exacting standards. With an experienced team and custom manufacturing capabilities, Modinex can deliver Spotted Gum claddings that match your vision.

For projects where you want to stand out, Spotted Gum decking is the ideal outdoor surface. This hard wearing timber performs exceptionally well when installed outdoors, and it provides a rich, mottled hue that gradually fades into the natural environment. Spotted Gum is uniquely suited to decking applications, where it provides long-term performance and beauty. Modinex’s range includes decking boards in a variety of widths, profiles and finishes, so we can support any design or construction project you have in mind. Combined with Spotted Gum cladding, our decking and batten products deliver unmatched sophistication.

Elevate your project and add unrivalled detail with Spotted Gum battens from Modinex. Our Spotted Gum battens feature the same rich colours and finishes as the rest of our range, but they are specially designed for installation as screens, ceilings and wall finishes. These products perform brilliantly as screening, or they can lend a sense of sophistication when installed as feature walls. Backed by our easy-to-use installation system, Modinex’s Spotted Gum products can soften any space, and bring the warmth of Australia’s bushland to your next design.

Spotted Gum FAQ

Overview of Spotted Gum Timber

Spotted Gum timber is a premium hardwood that’s native to Australia. It has a striking appearance and can take on hues ranging from deep reds and browns to golden honey. The durability and density of Spotted Gum makes it the ideal choice for architectural, design and engineering applications. The timber . . .

Is Spotted Gum a hard or softwood?

Spotted Gum timber is hardwood. It has a density of approximately 950kg/m3 and a Durability Class Rating of 1. This density makes Spotted Gum ideal for engineering applications, as well as for decking and solid timber flooring.

What is Spotted Gum timber used for?

Modinex uses Spotted Gum timber for exterior claddings, internal linings, decking, screens, decorative battens and more. Spotted Gum is highly versatile and is suited to most interior and exterior applications.

Advantages of Spotted Gum

We work extensively with Spotted Gum that is locally and responsibly sourced, and our Spotted Gum products offer several major advantages: Natural fire resistance – a selection of our products are BAL-29 rated Class 1 durability rating Easy to machine and achieve a quality finish Resistant to termites Low tannin . . .

What is the lifespan of Spotted Gum timber?

Spotted Gum timbers are known to have lasted for 40-60 years when installed above ground, and 15-40 years when installed in-ground. You can extend the lifespan of Spotted Gum products with regular oiling and refinishing to protect the timber against Australia’s harsh weather.

Is Spotted Gum timber termite resistant?

The density and oily properties of Spotted Gum timber make it naturally resistant to termites. The timber can become more resistant to termites over time, provided it receives proper care and maintenance.

Is Spotted Gum timber the same as Blackbutt timber?

Spotted Gum and Blackbutt are two different species of timber. Both species are native to Australia, and both feature similar properties. While they offer similar performance, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum timber are very different in their appearance. Blackbutt is very uniform between boards, and it’s usually golden yellow or pale . . .
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