Spotted Gum Cladding

Spotted Gum Cladding and Lining

High-quality timber cladding.

With Spotted Gum cladding from Modinex, you can create designs that blend into the Australian landscape, yet stand out from the crowd. Our claddings are available in a range of profiles and formats, so we can support any architectural project you can imagine.

Spotted Gum Cladding


Premium Spotted Gum Cladding

Modinex offers a premium range of Spotted Gum cladding and linings. Our cladding products are ideal for exterior applications, but they can also be installed indoors as feature walls and ceilings. Spotted Gum is one of Australia’s most beautiful timbers. It features rich colouration that can range from deep reds to brown, grey and honey gold. 

This can bring a touch of nature into any space, with warm tones that can elevate the appearance of your design. The Spotted Gum cladding at Modinex is produced from high quality, responsibly sourced timber. Our products feature a Class 1 Durability Rating, and they come in multiple profiles, finishes and designs. For those with an exacting vision, we can also custom manufacture Spotted Gum cladding that delivers the perfect finish to your design, construction and architecture project.

Spotted Gum Cladding FAQs

Can Spotted Gum be used outside for cladding?

Yes! Spotted Gum is the ideal timber for exterior cladding applications. Spotted Gum is a naturally oily hardwood that’s resistant to pests and fire, so it can withstand some of Australia’s harshest conditions. Untreated Spotted Gum cladding can be vulnerable to moisture. It’s important to seal Spotted Gum cladding with . . .

Do termites eat Spotted Gum?

Spotted Gum is naturally resistant to termites. As a dense hardwood that tends to get harder over time, Spotted Gum is not prone to termite attack. However, untreated timber and timber that is not maintained may become vulnerable to termites. We recommend having Spotted Gum cladding checked for termites every . . .

Does Spotted Gum go grey?

Yes. Spotted Gum will gradually fade to grey. This process causes external claddings to blend into the surrounding landscape and can create a seamless transition between design and nature. The weathering process can be slowed down by applying a maintenance coat of oil every 12 months. While Spotted Gum cladding . . .

What is the lifespan of Spotted Gum cladding?

Spotted Gum cladding has a Class 1 Durability Rating and has been known to last for 40+ years when properly maintained. Speak to the Modinex team to find out more about the maintenance requirements of our Spotted Gum claddings and linings.

What are the benefits of Spotted Gum Cladding?

Spotted Gum claddings provide several major benefits to design and architecture projects: Aesthetic appeal – Spotted Gum features warm hues and rich colouration. Natural variation in the colour between each board creates visual interest that can enhance any project. Easy installation – Modinex’s Spotted Gum cladding is built on our . . .

Is Spotted Gum cladding durable?

Yes. Spotted Gum cladding has a Class 1 Durability Rating. Class 1 timbers are highly resistant to termites, pests and decay, even when they are exposed to the elements. Additionally, Modinex can supply Spotted Gum cladding with a BAL 29 rating, making it resistant to ember attack. As a Class . . .
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