Factory Tours

The Tour of Modinex

Partnering with architects and designers to create spaces that delight.

We’re passionate about the craftsmanship and heritage of timber manufacturing.
We welcome design professionals, developers, and builders to get a full insight and firsthand experience with how we craft bespoke timber & architectural signatures.

Our exclusive factory and manufacturing plant tour will go in depth about the origins of harvesting our natural timber resources, and the sustainable measures Modinex goes through to ensure we are protecting and regenerating the forests that surround us.

From the grading process through to seasoning, you will be taken through the detail, showcasing how we make a stable solid timber design solution.

View the hive of activity, where the production team work together to create the world’s most beautiful architectural signatures, all unique in shape, form and size, for both commercial and residential applications.

At Modinex we also use a range of Ultra Low VOC Coatings from water base oils to UV Coatings – our priority being quality assurance and compliance. A tour will allow you to understand the level of compliance our team upholds, as we ensure to comply with the NCC, to provide the highest quality materials for each individual project.


Susan Hawke

Indie School Logan

“The tour of the Modinex factory worked so well for our students studying a unit on how the world is connected through people and resources. Finding out where timber comes from, how it is processed and packed, and where the final products are being sent to, made the unit relevant for our students. Kris was so patient and answered questions admirably.”