Timber Battens

High-Quality Timber Battens

Stunning timber battens for internal and external  applications

Invite depth and dimension into your next design with the stunning range of timber battens from Modinex. Available in a selection of timber species, finishes and fixing systems, our timber batten claddings can lend structure and detail to every space.

Timber Battens


Architecturally Designed Timber Batten Cladding

Modinex offers timber batten claddings that bring an element of architectural design to any project. Ideal for use as screening, wall and ceiling linings, exterior cladding and decorative features, timber battens are some of our most versatile products. Our timber batten claddings are based on a simple installation system that’s suitable for most applications.

The Modinex system ensures a seamless look and consistent lines, maximising the linearity of our designs. The range is available with standard square and rectangular battens, but we also offer a number of decorative profiles that add detail and can elevate your space. Once completed with your choice of stains, finishes and timber species, our timber batten cladding is the perfect touch for any design project you can envision.

Timber Batten FAQs

What is a timber batten?

A timber batten is a strip of wood that can be used for construction or decorative purposes. Battens are typically smaller in dimension than a plank or beam. They’re commonly used as decorative screening, cladding, and roof and ceiling linings.

What wood should I use for battens?

The best wood to use for decorative timber battens are species like Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Western Red Cedar. These hardwood timbers offer rich colouration and a durable finish that’s perfect for any interior or exterior application. Speak with the Modinex team to learn more about the species we use . . .

Which colour is best for timber ceilings?

The best colour for timber ceilings depends on your design aesthetic. Bright hues help to lighten a space and make it feel larger, and this can be achieved with timbers such as Hemlock, Western Red Cedar or Alaskan Cedar. On other hand, darker timber ceilings can lend a moody, cosy . . .

What is the spacing between timber battens?

The spacing between decorative timber battens varies depending on the dimensions of the battens, where they’re being installed, and the aesthetic you want to achieve: Small spacing of 10-20mm creates soft shadow lines and a subtle effect that’s ideal for contemporary designs. This is ideal for any timber batten cladding . . .

How thick should battens be?

The dimensions of your timber battens depends on the application. Smaller battens offer greater detail, but the effect may be lost when they’re installed on a large scale. Larger battens are ideal for these types of installations, but they can overwhelm a more intimate space Modinex’s standard range of timber . . .

What are timber battens used for?

Timber battens serve two main purposes: Decorative timber battens are used as cladding, wall and ceiling lining, screening, fences, gates and much more. These types of battens are often used to create depth and dimension, as well as for privacy, shade and other functional purposes. Structural timber battens provide a . . .

Why use timber battens?

Decorative timber battens are used to create a unique design element. Because battens are installed with a small gap between each board, timber batten cladding creates depth, texture and detail. The subtle shadowed lines of timber batten cladding are perfect as a finishing touch, but they can also be functional. . . .
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