Fibre & Concrete Cladding Solutions

Modinex is at the forefront of innovation in the architectural cladding industry. We continually invest in developing products and technologies that allow designers, architects and high end builders to push the limits. Our fibre cement and natural concrete cladding products feature several of these innovations, and they’re the perfect blend of style, function and wow factor.

Fibre cement cladding is a durable product that’s suitable for every setting. Made from tough materials, our products are perfect for all residential and commercial applications, in both light and heavy foot traffic areas.

Blending style and performance, our natural concrete cladding is the ideal finishing touch for some of Australia’s harshest environments. As an interior and exterior cladding, concrete provides excellent weather resistance, and the added bush fire ratings mean our products can stand up to any application.

You can explore Modinex’s range of natural concrete and fibre cement products online at any time. Contact us if you’d like to visit a selection centre and experience our architectural cladding and linings in person.

What is Fibre Cement?

Fibre cement is a composite cladding product that’s produced by combining cement and cellulose fibres. The result is a durable, strong and versatile building material that can be formed into boards, sheets and other popular cladding formats.

Made primarily from cement, fibre cement cladding is fire, moisture and termite resistant. The manufacturing process lends itself well to creating shapes and boards that feature concrete-look and timber-look finishes. This means fibre cement products are popular for exterior cladding as well as internal wall and ceiling linings.

Natural Concrete Cladding

Explore the limits of modern design with concrete-look Viroc panels by Modinex. 

Viroc is an innovative Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) product that blends the flexibility of 100% PEFC recycled pine fibres with the durability of cement.Using organic material such as cement and natural timber allows Viroc to be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Our concrete-look panels are designed to achieve a minimal, industrial aesthetic. When combined with hard lines and bold shapes, they’re the perfect complement to any interior or exterior design.

These concrete cladding panels are available in a range of colourways, from raw cement to red earth and rich blacks. This offers the freedom to deliver a cladding selection that offsets your design choices and helps achieve an aesthetic like no other.

The durability and versatility of Viroc – our natural concrete cladding – makes it ideal for installation in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It makes a true statement as an internal wall lining for homes, restaurants and commercial fitouts, but it’s also a striking feature for the exterior of any residential or commercial project.

Advantages of Concrete & Fibre Cement Cladding

Striking Style

Modinex offers architectural cladding products in a huge range of colours, styles, finishes and textures. Whatever design you’re envisioning, we can support the result with true style.

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