Blackbutt Cladding

Blackbutt Cladding Timber

Create the perfect contemporary facade with stunning Blackbutt cladding from Modinex. Crafted from one of the world’s most beautiful timber species, Blackbutt cladding is ideal for Australia’s harsh conditions, offering an unmatched blend of style and performance.

Blackbutt Cladding


Stunning Blackbutt Timber Cladding

Modinex offers a range of Blackbutt cladding materials for interior and exterior designs. Indoors, our Blackbutt cladding serves as a striking feature that brightens and warms the space. Outdoors, Blackbutt cladding is durable, beautiful and highly resistant to bushfire, making it ideal for every setting. Available in shades ranging from light blonde to pale brown, Blackbutt cladding is widely known for its contemporary aesthetic, which pairs beautifully with most design languages.

We enhance its natural beauty with your choice of cladding profiles and finishes, allowing you to deliver any project you can envision. Our Blackbutt cladding products are paired with a simple installation system that includes all the trims and accessories you need. This reduces installation costs and time on site, and it ensures the final product delivers quality unlike any other. Combined with our custom manufacturing capabilities, this allows Modinex to design a Blackbutt cladding solution for any facade you have in mind.

Blackbutt Cladding FAQs

Is Blackbutt a good timber?

Blackbutt is a fantastic timber for Australian conditions. Its natural durability and fire resistance make it ideal for areas that are prone to bushfire. Blackbutt cladding is one of very few species that is approved as an exterior construction material in bushfire zones.

What type of wood is Blackbutt?

Blackbutt is a native Australian hardwood. It’s characterised by its long, straight trunks, which produce an aesthetically pleasing linear grain. Blackbutt cladding typically has blonde tones and subtle sap veins that make it a popular choice in contemporary designs. As a hardwood, Blackbutt is slow-growing and naturally dense. This makes . . .

Can Blackbutt be used outside?

Blackbutt is well suited to outdoor use. It’s an excellent choice for cladding, decking and screens, as well as structural applications.  Like other outdoor timbers, Blackbutt cladding requires proper maintenance to protect it from moisture and pests. Your Blackbutt cladding should be coated with an oil every 12 months to . . .

Is Blackbutt termite resistant?

Yes, Blackbutt is considered termite resistant. This is due to its density as a hardwood. Blackbutt cladding tends to harden overtime, enhancing its resistance to termites and other pests. Speak to the Modinex team if you are using Blackbutt cladding in a termite prone area. We can recommend an appropriate . . .

Is Blackbutt water resistant?

As a Class 1 hardwood, Blackbutt is considered highly resistant to moisture and decay when installed outdoors, above ground. This makes Blackbutt cladding the ideal exterior finish. Blackbutt cladding should be maintained on a regular basis to protect the timber from moisture damage. The right coating products help rejuvenate and . . .
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