Committed to sustainable building so you can rest assured that our products reflect this.


Why choose Modinex Group?

Modinex Group offers stunning architectural timber innovations for eco-friendly cladding in Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, and other Australian species. Our unique range makes it easy to be responsible, while also adding genuine efficiency and stunning style to any project. Our entire range has PEFC™ Certification.

Western Red Cedar is widely recognised as the ultimate sustainable timber cladding building product. It produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less water and air pollution, requires less energy to produce than alternatives and comes from a renewable and sustainable resource.

Being a natural product, WRC is inherently sustainable. Timber is a carbon store that sequesters potentially harmful carbon from the atmosphere. It is also a renewable resource that can be regrown. When sourced from sustainably managed plantations, such as those with Programme for the Endorsement of Forest (PEFC) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, WRC provides designers and specifiers with valuable peace of mind that they are choosing an eco-friendly product. In general, timber contributes to buildings with lower embodied energy. “Embodied energy” is the energy consumed in providing materials for building construction, including extraction, processing, and manufacturing of building products. Products with high embodied energy result in high levels of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption. Timber manufacturing is less energy intensive compared to other materials with similar uses and has far lower embodied energy than concrete, steel, and aluminium. Lightweight timber species like WRC also require less energy to transport and install. According to industry reports, steel and aluminium manufacturing consumes 300% and 1500% more energy respectively than the timber equivalent on a weight-by-weight basis. 

Saw dust and unused off cuts produced during the manufacturing and installation stages can be ground into fertiliser that enhances soil for local crop generation. Furthermore, high quality timber, including softwood species, can be recycled, and reused for a variety of purposes from flooring and furniture to animal bedding and particle boards. Even if it cannot be recycled, WRC is biodegradable and releases minimal carbon dioxide after disposal. 

PEFC Certification awarded to Modinex Group Pty Ltd

Sustainable design encompasses delivering elevated health and wellbeing outcomes

Another area in which WRC outstrips other building materials. Studies assessing the performance of WRC decking and cladding have demonstrated its ability to outperform comparable wood-plastic, vinyl, fibre cement and brick cladding in select criteria including human respiratory effects as well as global warming and soil acidification potential.

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