Longstanding commitment

Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved.

Modinex manufactures stunning architectural timber, aluminium & concrete solution with a low embodied energy and carbon footprint. Our signature Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) and Hemlock (Tsuga) species, are widely recognised as the most sustainable timber species. They produce fewer greenhouse gases, generate less water and air pollution, require less energy to process than alternatives and comes from a renewable and sustainable plantation forest. Our entire range of natural timber species have full PEFC™ Certification.

Our approach

Passed down through generations, is our focus on the sustainable supply of PEFC™ certified timber, along with a sensitivity to avoid harmful materials in our manufacture process, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Modinex hand selects the highest grade logs from our supply partners, which are then sawn in close proximity to the sustainably managed forest to reduce transport emission. They are then further processed in our Queensland facilities new next generation energy efficient machinery. This mean that transport-related emissions are minimised and operational and material efficiencies are maximised.

Our strong partnership with forest owners in Australian & Canada for over 40 years, ensures a consistent supply of high quality PEFC™ certified timber. As part of Defining a Higher Standard® of forest stewardship our supply partners are continuing to grow mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations.
Since 2015, Modinex has held PEFC™ Chain of Custody certification which has been maintained for 8 years after passing regular audits. Chair of custody is essential in ensuring the responsible and sustainable harvesting and processing of timber and providing transparency to our clients.

Smart manufacturing and zero waste

We are committed to manufacturing with zero waste from harvesting through to your completed product. During the harvesting process, all by-products such as sawdust, chips, and bark are sent to pulp and paper manufactures to create other sustainable sources products. When mould profiles the fine dust is then used in organic soils.

On average 12,000m3 of dust from manufacture, is used to enhance organic soils in Australia. We recommend the use of random length timber over against set length to maximise usability from a harvested log.

Modinex is committed to using recyclable materials for packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

Economic sustainability,
enhancing product life cycle

Being at the fore front of innovation and design, Modinex is continually enhancing our collections to ensure all our product ranges are providing economic sustainability to our clients. Investing and utilising next generation coating processes and technology, this enables Modinex to offer some of the highest fading warranties in the industry, increasing our products lifecycle and economic sustainability. In 2020 we introduced our new powder on powder timber grain that can be supplied to recyclable aluminium with 75% reduction in C02 emissions.

Committed to providing a transparent design solutions, Modinex provides a structural warranty and a separate warranty against fading for all engineered products.

Our timber profiles are designed and crafted to minimise thermal movement. We now offer thermal modification to some timber species, which uses steam and high temperature to dramatically increasing the durability and stability of wood. This is achieved without the use of wood preservatives or chemicals of any type.

Innovation through compliance

Modinex is continually working to ensure all products conform to regulations and requirements. Modinex now offers full Code-Mark certification for our sustainable aluminium claddings compliant for AS15030.1 applications. All other ranges have undergone stringent testing and certification to give our clients the peace of mind and to conform to compliance standards.

To simplify the design process for the design community, a full suite of Revit files for our ranges can be provided on request.

Working towards 2050 Net Zero

With our commitment to achieving Net Zero emission by 2050, we offer a range of cladding and lining solution with an embodied energy as low at 0.5MJ/kg. Our collection of Canadian soft wood species has the lowest embodied energy. Due to their cellular structure, they can be seasoned and stabilised using natural resources without the use of a kiln.

Partnering with our leading sustainable supply partners, we now offer a range of aluminium collections with 75% less CO2 emissions using renewable energy. Our Western Red Cedar species is GreenTag rated.

All coatings used at Modinex are ultra low VOC, taking our responsibility to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the ozone layer.

The future

Our supply partners are carefully selected to ensure they align with our principles. We partner with leading global companies that lead the way with forest replantation. Modinex is investing in our softwood supply partners in partnership with the Canadian government, which has a strict 3-1 replantation process. For every Western Red Cedar tree harvested, three new trees are planted. This is to restore important habitats, supporting biodiversity, and enhancing the surrounding community’s quality of life.

Our supply chain is currently investing in research to better understand the genetics of tree, to study the natural traits to develop seedlings resistant to pests and disease with increased resilient to the effects of climate change.