Leading with compliance

Creating a happy balance

Modinex is vested to ensure all our collections are compliant with the current NCC2022 standard and exceed our client’s expectations. One reason our clients return to us again and again is that we work as partners with them to provide a solution that meets industry requirements.

The Australian Standards and National Construction Code contain specific criteria for product conformance within the multiple sectors of construction, making it easy to identify conforming products once it’s time to specify, purchase and install.

PEFC® & FSC® Certification

Passed down through generations, our focus is on the sustainable supply of PEFC and FSC certified timber, along with a sensitivity to avoid harmful materials in our manufacture process, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Modinex hand selects the highest-grade logs from our supply partners, which are then sawn, in close proximity to the sustainable managed forest to reduce transport emission. They are then further processed in our Queensland facilities with new next-generation energy-efficient machinery. This means that transport-related emissions are minimised, while operational and material efficiencies are maximised.

Modinex have had a strong partnership with forest owners located in Australia & Canada for over forty years, which has ensured a consistent supply of quality PEFC certified timber. As part of Defining a Higher Standard of forest stewardship, our supply partners are continuing to grow mutual relationships with First Nations.

Since 2015, Modinex have held a PEFC Chain of Custody certification, which has been maintained for eight years after passing regular audits. Chain of Custody is essential as it ensures the processing of the timber is sustainably harvested, while providing transparency to our clients.

CodeMark® Certification

Modinex range includes CodeMark certified products such as:

— Alu-Selekta Castellation (NCC2022)
— Alu-Selekta Channel (NCC2022)
—Cera-Façade (NCC2019)

CodeMark provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market, that demonstrates a particular product complies with the National Construction Code (NCC).

Fire Compliance

Non-Combustible (AS1530.1)

Modinex Aluminum and Fibre Cement product range are AS1530.1 certified.

— Alu-Selekta Castellation
— Alu-Selekta Channel
— Alu-Batten
— Cera-Façade

Timber BAL Ratings

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a means of measuring the severity of a building’s potential exposure to an ember attack, radiant heat, or direct flame contact. BAL rating for timber is based on the density of the timber and measured in increments of radiant heat.

See table below.

Timber Group Ratings

According to the requirements of AS/ NZS 3837 – 1998 and AS 5637.1-2015, all untreated timber achieve a Group 3 rating for use as wall or ceiling linings, as per NCC 2022.

See table below.

Fireshield Intumescent Coating

Fireshield TimberClear 1FR clear timber intumescent coating is a factory applied coating that achieves a Group 1 and 2 fire rating for internal timber surfaces to meet the requirements of the NCC with the CoreMark certificate of Conformity. TimberClear 1FR is only available for projects of a particular size and will be dependent on the product used. Timber without TimberClear 1FR will only meet Group 3 fire rating. For Fireshield TimberClear 1FR certificate, please contact Modinex.

See table below.

Western Red Cedar N/A Group 3 Group 1 Yes
Western Red Cedar – Tight Knot N/A Group 3 Group 1 Yes
Hemlock N/A Group 3 Group 1 No
Hemlock – Thermally Modified N/A Group 3 Group 1 Yes
Alaskan Cedar N/A Group 3 Group 1 Yes
French Oak N/A Group 3 Group 1 No
American Oak BAL19 Group 3 Group 1 No
Blackbutt BAL29 Group 3 Group 1 Yes
Spotted Gum BAL29 Group 3 Group 1 Yes
Ironbark BAL29 Group 3 Group 1 Yes
Cumaru & Southern Spotted BAL19 Group 3 Group 1 Yes