Compliance Information

At Modinex, we realise the importance of compliance.

Creating a happy balance

Getting the balance right along with managing a well-run business with a team all pulling together, can be hugely rewarding for all involved through the sales process and having happy clients at the end of the day.

The Australian Standards and National Construction Code contain specific criteria for product conformance within the multiple sectors of construction, making it easy to identify conforming products once it’s time to specify, purchase and install.

Unfortunately, there is a high number of inferior quality, non-compliant products in the market. These products are often appealing to contractors or procurement officers as they are typically priced at a lower rate than the compliant products.

At the Modinex Group, we are aware of the compliance requirements of the products we produce, ensuring that all performance requirements are met, and we have the sufficient evidence to prove product compliance such as testing, assurance and certification.

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