Timber Ceiling Panels & Battens

You too can create a suspended timber ceiling in any space. The architectural design features of a suspended timber ceiling were once too time consuming and expensive for everyday use, but Modinex makes them accessible for all through our patent-pending clip on batten system, making installation a breeze.

Take the chance to create something unique, and give your design the opportunity to stand out above the rest. Our customisable timber ceiling panels and battens look spectacular in every setting. We also offer a range large range of aluminium cladding and external panel cladding for those projects covering a larger surface area.

Stylish Timber Ceilings

Our timber ceiling battens have the added advantage of superior acoustic performance, making them a highly practical choice. Plus, our timber comes from renewable and sustainable resources, supplied by respected industry veteran Cedar Sales. How do we make our suspended timber ceilings so accessible?

1.      Our patent-pending clip-on batten system provides the flexibility and ease of an off-the-shelf product. This simplifies everything from quoting, supply and install

2.      The Studco system makes installation a breeze: simply clip on or screw in the rails, attach plastic clips and insert the timber lengths.

3.    Get just the right look, with the choice of Western Red Cedar and Hemlock timber, and Fin, Flat and Fin Combo profiles.

Acoustic Timber Ceiling Panels

Our timber ceiling panels are great for either amplifying or softening noise in your space. Whatever it is you are hoping to achieve in your space, a timber batten ceiling can help. Timber is a naturally acoustic material and a timber ceiling system can be instrumental in helping you to craft the space you desire. The acoustic timber ceilings absorb noise as a result of the inner make-up of the timber.

A timber drop ceiling is also layered, meaning that sounds can be allowed to surround the slats and battens that make up the space. This means that noise can surround and move through the ceiling, instead of bouncing around in the room. This is more often the case in a more traditional ceiling that is flat and less permeable.

Timber Batten Ceilings That Are Quick & Easy

The beauty of our timber ceilings embodies an architectural work of art, but their installation is faster and more efficient than any suspended ceiling system on the market. Looks can be deceiving, and you’d never expect such an innovative design to be installed with such ease. When time is limited in a project, quality is often overlooked.

The Austratus difference means you don’t need to sacrifice outstanding, long-lasting results to get the job done today. Whether you’re struggling to make a deadline, you’ve encountered setbacks or you’re simply eager to enjoy the end result, the Austratus team will have your timber drop ceiling installation completed in no time. Austratus boasts fast lead times, whilst maintaining the highest quality finish.

A Variety of Profiles to Choose From

The choice is yours. Find the profile that fits perfectly, and unlock the beauty and benefits of a suspended timber ceiling.

Fin Profile Battens: Enhance your space with defining edges and dynamic shadow lines. Available in a tapered or a square profile, Fin is bound to unveil a sophisticated feel in your space.

Flat Profile Battens: Cover more space with less timber and create a simple, yet stylish floating ceiling. Clean, consistent lines produce a symmetrical finish for contemporary style interiors.

Timber Species: Austratus uses sustainably sourced timber species to construct quality, long lasting results. After selecting the best profile for your project, decide on a species that will thrive in it’s environment. Western Red Cedar and Hemlock are both incredible options, displaying visual appeal and performing for the entirety of the structure’s lifetime.

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