Modular & Tiny Homes Cladding

Tiny Home Cladding

The perfect solution for tiny homes and houses

Design a compact retreat that offers a luxury lifestyle with tiny house cladding from Modinex. Whether you’re creating a teenager’s retreat, guest accommodation or the best in off-grid living, our tiny home cladding products offer unrivalled beauty and performance.

Modular & Tiny House Cladding


Cladding Solutions for Modular & Tiny Houses

Modinex supplies claddings, linings and decking products for tiny house construction. When you’re working on a small scale, the quality of fit and finish can make a big difference. Our range of tiny home claddings is designed to lend a touch of beauty without sacrificing on weather resistance and thermal performance. Designing a tiny house is a unique challenge. Each piece needs to fit perfectly, and every element needs to withstand transport.

When you work with Modinex, we can specify claddings, battens, linings, trims and accessories that complement your vision. Our range includes both hardwood timber and lightweight aluminium. If weight is a concern, we can specify wood look aluminium cladding that blends into its natural surroundings. For those with exacting tastes, our hardwood claddings offer industry leading performance, and they’re a premium touch that can make your project stand out.

Tiny House Cladding FAQs

Are tiny houses legal in Australia?

Yes. Tiny houses utilise a road-legal trailer as the home’s foundation. As long as the completed home measures less than 2.5m wide, 4.3m high, and 12.5m long, it’s legal in Australia. Tiny homes should also be less than 4.5 tonnes. While you can design a tiny home that weighs more, . . .

What is the most popular tiny house size?

The most popular size of tiny house in Australia is 2.5m wide, 4.3m high, and up to 10m long. While a tiny home can be longer, increasing the length of the trailer to 12.5m increases the complexity of transport. Homes that are 10m long or less are simpler to transport . . .

What are the design features of a tiny house?

While tiny homes vary widely in their size, function and design, they share several core design features: Regulations – Tiny houses are built on road legal trailers. They lack permanent foundations and are more akin to a caravan than a freestanding house. This means they are subject to vehicle regulations, . . .
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