Continual Professional Development

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Modinex is committed to bringing the latest technologies and advancements in construction materials to the design community.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) allows you to enhance personal proficiency while being able to understand new technologies and techniques. For architects and design professionals, CPD has become a vital part of each professional’s career requirements. You will receive 1 formal CPD point for each of the below CPD’s listed.

The Sustainable Management of Our Forests

The sustainable management of forests is a crucial aspect of environmental conservation and responsible resource utilisation. Analysing the history of forest management globally and the key principles and practises associated with the sustainable management of forests. We will analyse countries and their timber species giving sound knowledge to ensure we are responsible specifying, protecting and regenerating the forests that support us.

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Understanding Land & Country

Modinex dives into the fundamental importance of understanding the land and country where we reside as a critical pillar in design. We believe that by deeply comprehending and appreciating the art, colour, and culture of the place, modern design, and architecture can be fully intertwined with the traditions of the land. Respecting and understanding the innate beauty of the natural landscape that surrounds us.

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Embracing Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the intersection of architecture and nature. Inspired by the innate, human attraction to nature, biophilic design can create harmony between the built environment and natural world. As seen through history, applying biophilic design principles can have massive impacts on our health and wellbeing, as well as benefiting the environment.

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Sustainability in Architecture

Modinex explores the world of sustainability in modern architecture. Analysing the key levers, and how the design community can influence sustainable design. We will analyse various building materials, construction methods, their embodied energy, thermal resistance and what impact they could have on achieving net zero emissions.

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Design with Timber

Modinex dives into the world of specifying timber, including the history, and manufacturing methods as well as the range of timbers available, and sourcing sustainable and certified timber for your project. We discuss the growing & manufacturing process for different timbers as well as the installation options available for numerous profile.

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Fire Compliance

Modinex takes you into the volatile world of specifying for Fire compliance. Look at the various factors and history influencing specification around commercial, residential and bushfire compliance as well as the variety of available materials on the market at the moment.

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Dean Crowther
Head of Marketing & Architectural Specification
Zander Crowther
Architectural Consultant
Kelly Sarandis
Architectural Consultant
Andrew Bordin
Project Consultant