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Beautiful concealed garage doors

Push contemporary design to its limit with flush mount and concealed timber garage doors from Modinex. Finished with our range of stunning timber claddings, our timber garage doors can elevate a simple facade into a striking architectural masterpiece.

Stylish Timber Garage Doors

Flush mount garage doors are the ultimate in luxury facade finishes. When combined with our cladding systems, flush mount garage doors will disappear into the facade, creating a contemporary aesthetic. Modinex provides a broad variety of timber and wood-look aluminium claddings for flush mount garage doors. Products like battens are ideal for creating a seamless facade, with the gaps in the battens concealing the garage door opening.

Designing concealed timber garage doors requires careful collaboration between our team and your designers. We’re passionate about creating the world’s most beautiful spaces, so we’ll develop a solution that meets your requirements. Speak with the Modinex team to learn more about concealed garage doors. We can bring any concept to reality, and our custom manufacturing capabilities means it’s possible to create a building facade that’s unlike anything else.

Timber Garage Doors


Flush Mount Garage Door FAQs

What wood is best for garage doors?

The best wood for timber garage doors is a species that matches your existing facade. We typically recommend Australian hardwoods, such as Western Red Cedar, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and wood look aluminium. For flush mount garage doors, you’ll need to use the same wood as the rest of your exterior . . .

Are wood garage doors high maintenance?

Wood garage doors are relatively low maintenance. Like other types of exterior timbers, they need to be washed and have a new protective coating applied at regular intervals. Reapplying the timber’s protective coating every 12 months helps to prevent warping, cracking and cupping as the timber ages. Speak with the . . .

How long do timber garage doors last?

Timber garage doors that are finished with Class 1 Durability timbers (such as Spotted Gum) can last for 40+ years with regular maintenance. Your timber garage doors may also require mechanical maintenance to ensure the opening mechanism stays in good condition.

Do timber garage doors need insulation?

Timber garage doors typically don’t need additional insulation in most parts of Australia. Your garage door may need insulation if you have insulated the rest of your garage, or if you intend to use your garage as a living space.

Do timber garage doors warp?

Garage doors made of solid timber can warp due to temperature fluctuations or a lack of maintenance. In both cases, the timber doors contract and expand, changing the shape of the wood. The concealed garage doors Modinex designs are built with metal frames with timber cladding to provide a flush-mount . . .

Are timber garage doors safe?

Yes. Our flush mount garage doors are built with metal frames and a timber cladding layer. This makes them highly safe and resistant to intruders.

How do I protect my timber garage door?

The best way to protect concealed timber garage doors is by reapplying a protective coating every 12 months. This is usually as simple as cleaning the timber and applying an oil, paint or a similar product. The maintenance requirements for our timber garage doors varies, depending on the product we’ve . . .

Should I paint or stain my timber garage door?

The timber Modinex uses for our flush mount garage doors comes prefinished from our local factory. We don’t recommend painting or staining prefinished timbers. We work closely with each of our clients to design a solution that’s perfect for your project. If you would like to stain or paint your . . .
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