Timber Screens

Timber Screening

High-quality timber screen solutions

Design incredible spaces with durable and functional timber screens from the team at Modinex. Available in a range of batten configurations and profiles, our timber screens offer privacy, shade and style, making them perfect for any project you’re planning.

Architectural Timber Screen Panels

Modinex offers a selection of stunning timber screens that can complement your next design project. Our range is available in Australian and imported hardwoods, as well as timber-look aluminium solutions. Timber screens are a simple detail that can elevate every space. With the right batten spacing, timber screens create subtle shadow lines that bring depth and dimension to your design, without the need for solid panelling.

Specifying timber screens not only complements the aesthetic, they provide functional shade, privacy and acoustic performance. Combined with their beauty, this makes timber screens the ideal facade for all exterior spaces. The Modinex catalogue includes a broad variety of timber screen battens, boards and profiles. For more demanding applications, we are also equipped to manufacture custom profiles and solutions. Our custom timber screens can achieve any aesthetic you have in mind, while still serving as a functional facade element.

Timber Screens


Timber Screens FAQs

What is the best timber for screens?

The best timber for screening is an Australian hardwood species like Blackbutt, Spotted Gum or Western Red Cedar. These timbers offer the best performance in exterior applications, and can last for decades with regular maintenance. Your design also impacts which timber is the best choice for screening. Blonde timbers such . . .

What are the benefits of timber screens?

Timber screens are a stunning and versatile design feature. They look fantastic, and they offer a number of key benefits: Aesthetic appeal – Timber screens are a stunning design feature that look good both inside and out. They offer linearity and structure that can lend shape to a space, and . . .

Are timber screens installed vertically or horizontally?

Timber screens can be installed with the battens running vertically or horizontally. In either case, the screen provides privacy, shade and acoustic protection. The orientation chosen for a timber screen depends on the exact application. In many locations, vertical screens are more effective at providing shade and thermal performance. On . . .

What is the maximum spacing for timber screen battens?

The maximum spacing between battens on a timber screen depends on the look you want to achieve. For acoustic and privacy screens, spacing of 20mm-50mm is common. For decorative indoor screens that simply provide separation between areas, you could opt for wider spacing of up to 150mm. The best spacing . . .

How long do timber screens last?

Hardwood timber screens can last for 40+ years when installed outdoors, above ground. Timber species such as Western Red Cedar, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are all Class 1 timbers. They can last for decades with proper maintenance.

Can timber screens be used indoors?

Timber screens can be installed indoors and outdoors. Most screening systems use simple boards or battens to create a beautiful and functional screen. Outdoors, they provide shade, privacy and acoustic protection. When installed indoors, timber screens can serve as a feature wall or functional design element. You’ll often find timber . . .
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