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Timber screening innovations to suit every application. Create stunning architectural features with Modinex’s diverse range of timber screenings, slats and batten profiles. Our sustainable timber products are easy to work with and can also be made to suit your exact requirements.

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Our Timber Screens, Slats & Battens

Vertical timber slats and batten screens are the ideal way to modernise indoor, out-of-weather spaces, while providing privacy and shade protection. Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, Modinex batten screening and timber slats use our patent-pending rail system and superior coatings offer many benefits, which include:

  • Choice of timbers and profiles to achieve a seamless timber slat screen look with the surrounds.
  • An instant pick-me-up for ageing buildings, providing contemporary warmth and adding value.
  • Ideal for separating public spaces with timber slat privacy screens.
  • Easy installation using a patent-pending clip-on batten system that speeds up quotes, supply and installation and avoids the use of specialist labour.
  • Painless positioning using locator chips to position timber batten screen panels at the right height, then fixing rails to a support system.

Endless Timber Screening Possibilities

Timber slats have the potential to make a serious impact on your residential or commercial internal living space. Not only is it a practical, multi-purpose feature, but our diverse range of interchangeable timber batten screening profiles means you can create a genuine architectural statement.

Internal timber slatted screens are at the height of functionality for indoor use. It can provide a number of benefits to your space, including:

Timber Screens & Privacy

Timber batten and slat privacy screens are an excellent option to close off an area and increase privacy without jeopardising the serenity of the space. Concrete walls and other manmade building materials can reduce space and block out natural light. Instead, create an inspiring outdoor area with our long-lasting timber screen walls.

Dividing Space With Timber Screens

The Modinex Fin Profile is an excellent interior timber screen divider for commercial spaces, receptions, cafes and restaurants. Achieve the desired separation without closing off the room with vertical timber batten screens.

Shading With Timber Screens

Shade your space from the elements with a vertical timber screen wall that won’t take away from your design’s architectural appeal.

Internal timber screens are suitable for indoor application, just talk to the Modinex team about choosing the right timber species for the job. Softwoods have incredible visual and practical features when used in construction, making the right choice will ensure its beauty can be enjoyed for longer.

Timber Slats & Screens with Style

Our wooden screen installations offer a seamless finish, and whether your design purpose is fuelled by function or form, you’re guaranteed outstanding results.

We offer a great selection of timber batten profiles and species to choose from, and our timber batten screen and slat installation process makes customisation and adjustments easy. The Fin Profile is available in a number of options and will undoubtedly deliver classic style across every timber screening application. The Flat Profile’s broad panels are perfect for timber privacy screens, offering great coverage with less wood. If customisation is key, create your own timber screen style with the Fin Combo. Combine timber batten profiles and choose your desired screen spacing for a totally unique finish.

The Fastest Timber Screening Solution Ever Made

If you don’t want to wait for quality and style, we’ve got good news for you – now you don’t need to. Don’t sacrifice time for stunning results, and get the job done fast with our off-the-shelf modular system. Timber batten screen installation is a breeze and your project can advance without lengthy wait times or rushed, unfinished work.

Our timber batten screens are built to last and the easily adjustable system makes maintenance or replacement of single battens simple. Don’t blow the budget, meet even the shortest deadlines and reap the rewards of a time saving timber screen application that offers outstanding quality.

Whether you are ready to advance on big ideas, or you’d like to redecorate with architectural timber screens, the team at Modinex is ready to assist.

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