Timber Feature Walls & Interior Panelling

A timber batten feature wall adds contemporary warmth and texture to any space. Whether residential or commercial, wood panelling walls make a statement, they provide practical acoustics and are naturally hardwearing. If you’re thinking about adding a feature wall or interior wall panelling, consider a naturally beautiful timber batten wall. Modinex wood panelling walls combine affordable luxury with sustainability to transform rooms with architectural flair. Wood panelling for walls – there’s nothing else like it to make a space stand out.

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Our Timber Feature Walls & Internal Panelling

What sets our timber feature walls and internal panelling apart?

  • Avoids the typical complexity of architectural feature walls with a patent-pending clip-on timber batten system that makes quoting, supply and installation of your timber batten wall a breeze.
  • Provides flexible timber looks, with the choice of Western Red Cedar and Hemlock timber, and Fin and Flat profiles.
  • Uses sustainable, renewable resources that protect the environmental integrity of your project.
  • Fabulous lighting and dimensional effects to add intrigue and interest. From fluting, to straight lines, to a corrugated effect and more – we offer the latest in style and sophistication.
  • Added safety and acoustic noise reduction properties, for practicality and comfort.
  • Suitable even for high-spec architectural projects, made with precision machining and easy installation.

We can install timber panelling vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve different architectural effects. Vertical lines can help to elongate walls, giving homes the appearance of added height and tall ceilings. They can also unite different areas of an open plan home or office by visually connecting timber hallways to neighbouring rooms.

No matter what your design dreams, the Modinex team can help you achieve them. Give us a call today to find out how we can enhance your interior space with some quality wall cladding.



A Variety Of Timber Feature Wall Options

Modinex is taking interior walls to new heights with the beauty of our timber batten wall cladding. Add purpose to your space with our contemporary interpretation of wooden panelling walls and ceiling panelling.

Fin Profile Battens

Create a uniformed timber slat look for large spaces with a standard Fin Profile timber batten, or integrate the V-Fin Profile with tapered panels for a cutting-edge appearance. Our Fin batten timber slat system is available in Hemlock or Western Red Cedar, and a selection of profile options to suit the specifications of your wood panelling wall project. Pair a Fin Profile feature timber slat wall with spotlighting for a dynamic effect at night.

Flat Profile Battens

The Austratus Flat Profile is the perfect way to add texture and natural warmth to open plan living with timber slat walls. Broad in width, the Flat Profile is used to create a simple, yet stunning effect with fewer timber panels. Make your timber batten selection from Hemlock or Western Red Cedar, and choose from a number of coloured coatings to suit your interior décor. Combine dark or grey wood coatings with white walls for a rustic look, or as a neutraliser if you’re decorating with coloured furniture. Alternatively, use rich tones for wood panelling walls to create a warming atmosphere, or to craft your unique display of Australian living.

Feature timber batten walls and ceilings are your chance to think outside the box. Talk to our team about combining multiple timbers, profiles and finishes throughout your space for a truly unique timber slat look. Your options are limitless with our fast lead times and ease of installation.



The Fastest & Easiest Wood Panelling Wall System Ever Designed

Creating the newest feature timber wall of the room can be perceived as a long and suspenseful project. However, with the Austratus difference, your space will be completed in no time at all. Our clip-on timber wall cladding installations are both fast and efficient without sacrificing quality.

Modinex timber is sustainably sourced and treated to provide exceptionally high-quality wood panelling wall solutions. Our innovative clip-on timber batten installation techniques have heightened our proficiency in delivering a long-lasting timber wall panels that will continue to exhibit outstanding beauty for years to come.

Does your current wood panelling wall project fall under a tight deadline? Talk to us about our off-the-shelf modular systems and have your timber feature walls finished fast! Enjoy the convenience of onsite customisation and ensure your project budgets and deadlines are met with ease.



Timber Feature Walls For Acoustics

Beauty and ease of installation aren’t the only benefits timber feature walls will deliver! Building with timber wall panels and battens are becoming more and more popular due to its practical acoustic features and its ability to create a comfortable setting. Whether you’re aiming to enhance or reduce the level of noise in a space, interior timber wall cladding will naturally help you to achieve your desired result.

Feel the incredible advantage that timber acoustic panelling batten walls and ceilings can deliver to commercial spaces. In a room where form and functionality are of equal value, timber wall panelling is the answer. Noise is able to surround the timber slats in your wall system rather than echo around the room. The internal friction that is naturally occurring in wood, is able to dampen sound far more effectively than other structural materials.

Modinex timber offers certified acoustic qualities to ensure your space is as practical as it is visually appealing.

Are you ready to create an inspiring space? Contact the Modinex team today and turn your ideas into outstanding results.

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