The Bangalow

Contemporary design

Tucked into a quaint streetscape in the northern New South Wales town of Bangalow, the barn- esque home is at once a love note to the structures of yesteryear and a statement in contemporary design and construction excellence and innovation.

Bangalow, NSW 2479Location
BeachClad, Cedar, Knotty, Bandsawn, 120x18mm MistProduct Used

With the freedom to design and build a home to the exact needs of his family, tailored to their lifestyle and tastes, Ben opted for a home which is minimal and (at first glance) simplistic.

However, the strong, clean lines and adeptly curated aesthetic – inside and out – showcase a devotion to quality craftsmanship and a sharp appreciation for the lightness and ease of living in a well-designed home.

The home’s timber exterior and steeply pitched roof were inspired by the sheds which dot the rolling hills of the region. The sustainably harvested knotty cedar selected to adorn the home will be allowed to silver over time to a rustic, natural patina, reinforcing its connection to the local environment and the tradition of structures built to stand the test of time.