Rustic, seasoned timber Introducing BeachClad. This trending new product range, in Knotty Grade Western Red Cedar, has a rustic Bandsawn face and comes in a range of pre-finished, beach-themed colour washes. Designed to produce the effect of age-weathered or charred timber, BeachClad allows architects and designers to specify rustic, seasoned timber from the outset, resulting in yearned-after natural vogue effects. Available in four popular Cedar Sales profiles, BeachClad offers distinctive styling and plenty of versatility.
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Western Red Cedar - Select Tight Knot

Step 3: Select Colour

Mist *will silver/grey off with age

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External Corner Cedar

Knotty Bandsawn 42x42mm

External Corner Cedar

Knotty Bandsawn 42x42mm Chared

External Corner Cedar

Knotty Bandsawn 42x42mm Mist

Stop Cedar

Knotty Bandsawn 30x30mm

How to Install – Exterior Timber Cladding

How to Install – Interior Timber Cladding

Features and Benefits

All Modinex Group products deliver a superior look and feel, and a low maintenance approach - the perfect solution.

Size & Specifications

Profile CodeCoverThickness (mm)Profile Height(mm)Profile Length (mm)Profile Width(mm)
PR-CLS5E-WRC-120X18-RAW-STK-B120mm18mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm130mm
PR-CLS5E-WRC-120X18-CRD-STK-B120mm18mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm130mm
PR-CLS5E-WRC-120X18-M-STK-B120mm18mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm130mm
PR-CLS5E-WRC-170X18-RAW-STK-B170mm18mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm180mm
PR-CLS5E-WRC-170X18-CRD-STK-B170mm18mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm180mm
PR-CLS5E-WRC-170X18-M-STK-B170mm18mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm180mm
PR-SCE-WRC-81X26-STK-B81mm26mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm90mm
PR-SCE-WRC-81X26-M-STK-B81mm26mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm90mm
PR-SCE-WRC-81X26-CRD-STK-B81mm26mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm90mm
PR-CLCG19C-WRC-115X26-STK-B115mm26mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm133mm
PR-CLCG19C-WRC-115X26-CRD-STK-B115mm26mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm133mm
PR-CLCG19C-WRC-115X26-M-STK-B115mm26mmMax Span 600mm900mm to 6000mm133mm

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