Aluminium Screens

Aluminium Screening

High-quality aluminium screening solutions

Create privacy, improve thermal efficiency and brighten your design with wood look aluminium screens by Modinex. Designed for Australia’s toughest conditions, our aluminium screening systems offer stunning detail that’s matched by incredible performance.

Aluminium Screens


Architectural Aluminium Screening Systems

Modinex supplies a variety of aluminium screening solutions for residential and commercial designs. Our aluminium screens offer privacy, thermal comfort and architectural design, all blended into one. Aluminium screening is perfect for all interior and exterior applications. The linearity of our aluminium screens draws the eye, extending spaces with hard lines and subtle shadows.

This beauty is backed by genuine performance, with a variety of profiles that can be tailored to enhance privacy and provide shade without blocking the view. The range is based on our simple installation system. Our aluminium screening system is easy to use, reducing labour and time on site. Combined with a variety of hard-wearing timber-look coatings, we can supply a screening solution to suit any project you’re envisioning.

Aluminium Screening FAQs

What are aluminium screens?

Aluminium screens are a functional and decorative feature that’s added to interior spaces and exterior facades. The design of aluminium screens varies, but batten systems and slats are both common and stunning options. Modinex’s range of aluminium screens are designed to look and feel like real timber. Our wood-look finishes . . .

What are the benefits of aluminium screens?

Aluminium screens are a stunning design detail that blend form and function. They offer a range of benefits, including: Aesthetics – The versatility of aluminium screens means they’re the perfect touch for any design you can envision. Whether you choose battens, boards, slats or any other format, aluminium screens are . . .

Can aluminium screens be used indoors?

Yes. Timber-look aluminium screens can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Outdoors, they’re commonly used to provide privacy, shading and design interest. Indoors, they are a practical solution for dividing spaces, adding detail, privacy and separation.
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