What is Fireshield Intumescent Timber Coating?

Fireshield, a specialised intumescent coating, ensures compliance with the National Construction Code’s requirement for fire protection in interior timber surfaces. Modinex, a certified applicator, guarantees strict adherence to handling standards, achieving the highest Group Fire Rating for robust fire resistance in commercial projects

What is Fireshield Intumescent Timber Coating?

Fireshield intumescent coating is a passive fire protection system designed for use with interior timber surfaces.

As an intumescent coating, Fireshield reacts to the heat generated by fires. The coating swells and develops a thick layer of char that insulates the timber underneath. This reduces the spread of fire and allows designers to achieve the appropriate group fire rating.

Fireshield intumescent coating can be applied to:

  • Untreated solid wood
  • Wood fibre
  • Hardboard
  • Cupboard
  • Engineered timber products

Fireshield specifies that wood substrates must be greater than 8mm with a density of more than 338kg/m3, making

Where is Fireshield Intumescent Timber Coating Used?

Fireshield intumescent coating is intended for use on interior timber surfaces. This includes claddings, panelling, trims and profiles. Fireshield coatings are not intended for use on joinery, doors, door frames and window frames.

When applied to interior timber surfaces, Fireshield is intended to achieve a Group 1 or Group 2 fire rating.

Note that Fireshield is only suitable for application to untreated timber. While it is compatible with approved timber stains, it’s not suitable for use with non-approved stains, paints, fungal and insect treatments.

The Fireshield Intumescent Coating Application Process

Fireshield intumescent timber coating is a two-part system. It consists of the intumescent basecoat and a top coat, which is available in clear matte, semi-gloss, whitewashed and white finishes.

Fireshield coatings are typically sprayed onto timber in a uniform layer that provides protection against the spread of fires.

Gaps, cracks and small imperfections in Fireshield coatings can significantly degrade their performance. For this reason, Fireshield should always be used by an accredited applicator working to the instructions provided by Fireshield.

When applied correctly, Fireshield top coats don’t affect the visual appearance of timbers. These coatings can also be used over top of approved stains, giving you additional flexibility in the look of the final product.

Storing Timber Coated with Fireshield

Intumescent timber coatings are a convenient fire protection system. One of the major advantages is that they can be applied at our factory and supplied ready for installation.

It should be noted that Fireshield coated timber can take several weeks to cure fully. During that time it’s prone to damage during transport, handling and storage. Once cured, the coating is resistant to moisture, bumps and abrasion, but any gaps in the coating need to be touched up prior to use.

To minimise waste and the likelihood of timber becoming damaged during storage, Modinex can apply and deliver coated timber according to your timeline. This allows the coated timber to live safely in our facility until it’s needed.

Once Fireshield coated timber products have been delivered, they should be stored according to the following instructions. Timbers should be:

  • Removed from their packaging – keep the non-stick paper between each piece of wood
  • Kept in a dry, ventilated area to prevent moisture build up
  • Stored away from direct sunlight and excessive heat
  • Stacked with proper support to avoid damaging the coating or causing warping
  • Stored away from contaminants such as grinding dust

Timbers that have been coated with Fireshield intumescent coating may sweat if they are left in their packaging. This moisture can damage the coating or alter its appearance. Damaged timbers will need to be inspected and repaired, so it’s best to minimise storage times.

While in storage, timbers should remain separated by non-stick paper. Timbers that are stacked directly on top of each other can stick together, damaging the coating.

Maintenance of Fireshield Intumescent Coating

Like other timber coatings, Fireshield intumescent coatings need to be cleaned, maintained and reapplied from time to time.

During cleaning it’s important not to damage the coating with solvents, harsh chemicals and abrasive pads. If the surface does become damaged, or if it’s exposed to excess heat or moisture that affects the coating, Fireshield will need to be reapplied.

Fireshield recommends removing the existing coating before reapplication.

Reapplication or remediation coats should be applied with an airless sprayer. Small areas can be touched up using a brush, but this will leave a textured finish. Rollers are not suitable for applying Fireshield.

Fireshield Intumescent Coating at Modinex

Modinex is an approved applicator of Fireshield intumescent timber coatings. Our local factory is equipped to apply Fireshield products to all interior timber surfaces, panels, profiles, trims and cladding.

Application is carried out in our factory under controlled conditions. This ensures Fireshield coated pieces have the highest quality finish and that they achieve the highest Group Fire Rating.

We ensure compliance with the regulations through the performance pathway CP4. Our team can answer any compliance questions you have, and we provide all the documentation you need for Certification.

Please contact Modinex about certification requirements prior to placing an order for Fireshield coated timbers.