Timber Battens

Timber battens have become increasingly popular in both residential home design and commercial applications. An elegant way to add a point of differentiation to your home, timber battens are the perfect design element to elevate any aspect of your home. The variety of colours along with timeless finishes create classical looks that will remain a statement for years to come.

Add warmth, depth and an eye-catching display effortlessly. Their versatility makes them perfect for a range of installations – from screens, to ceilings or feature walls. If you’re looking for some inspiration into how you can incorporate timber battens into your home, whether you are building new or looking to add a feature element with a remodel, browse our previous installations here.

What is a Timber Batten?

Although battens can be made from a variety of materials, timber battens are widely popular for home installations. Timber battening though refers to strips of wood that have been laid out in a linear series with a small gap between them.

What are Timber Battens used for?

Timber battens can be used throughout your home in a variety of ways. Due to their timber composition they are durable, so they can be used for interior or exterior purposes. Often added to walls as cladding, they can also be used to create a screen or on ceilings. If you are looking to transform a plain wall into a feature installation, timber battens are the perfect solution to enrich your home.

Timber Batten Screening

Timber batten screening can provide a variety of benefits for your home. From an aesthetic perspective, vertical timber batten screens are eye catching and create a beautiful contrast piece for your outdoor or indoor area. Timber battens instantly draw the eye, creating a beautiful focal point in whatever area you install them in.

Timber batten screens also offer benefits like increasing privacy and sun protection. Although there are some gaps between each beam, they still lessen visibility for those on the other side, meaning you can make your outdoor areas more private. You can also adjust the gaps between the battens depending on your aesthetic or privacy preferences. Finally, timber batten screens deflect sunlight and when strategically placed, can reduce the amount of sunlight in specific areas. This increases protection from the sun but still allows the breeze to flow through.

Timber Batten Ceilings

Timber batten ceilings are the perfect way to add timeless architectural design features to your home or business. They work in a variety of contexts, however thanks to our Austratus patent pending clip on batten system, installation of Modinex’s timber batten ceilings makes the whole process easier and faster than regular timber batten ceiling products on the market. With multiple timber profiles available in a range of colours and finishes, you can find the perfect combination for your space to take your design endeavours to new heights.

Outside of design benefits, timber batten ceilings can also provide practical benefits. Timber batten ceilings can be used for indoor or outdoor spaces, and also provide great acoustic benefits. The acoustic timber batten ceilings absorb noise due to the inner make-up of the timber, making timber battens perfect for commercial settings such as restaurants, cafes and venues.

Timber Batten Cladding

Timber batten cladding is commonly installed horizontally, but can also be vertical or diagonally depending on your design constraints. There are plenty of benefits that come with installing timber batten cladding. Just a few include its stunning appearance, versatility in colour range and ability to create contrast with your home fixtures, plus its durability. Timber batten cladding systems are also eco friendly because they are sourced from renewable sources.

Timber Batten Feature Walls

A timber batten wall is an easy to implement interior design technique used when you want to add some depth to your home and walls, along with texture. The perfect way to transform a flat surface into a more sophisticated display, timber batten walls can be used inside or outside depending on your home styling. Timber batten feature walls also have numerous benefits associated with them beyond their aesthetics, with just a few including that they are naturally hardwearing and that the use of timber provides practical acoustics. If you are looking to add warmth to your home through an elegant detail, a timber batten feature wall is the perfect solution.

Why Use Timber Battens?

With such a wide range of uses, the simple answer to why you should consider using timber battens in your home is simple – they effortlessly combine functionality and flair. Their versatility in the way they can be used for screens, walls or cladding mean you can use them as one feature statement or multiple accents throughout your home to create a cohesive feel. Their timber material means you will be spoilt for choice as far as colours and finishes go so you can ensure the styling of your home is complemented rather than disrupted. At the end of the day, timber battens are the perfect way to organically incorporate timber tones into your home. If you require some design inspiration, look no further than our gallery of previous installations or if you need some advice achieving the perfect look for your timber battens, contact the Modinex team today.

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