Suspended Timber Ceilings

Ornate, breathtaking and detailed, a decorated ceiling adds an extra level of awe to any room. Think Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel, the zodiac above you in New York’s Grand Central Station or the world’s largest stained glass ceiling in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria. Without their ceilings, these buildings and the impact of their design would be incomplete. Look up, and pay attention to the details of your design with a suspended timber ceiling from Austratus. The design details can be ornate, or subtle, the choice is yours!

Conceal imperfections

A suspended ceiling, or a drop ceiling, is exactly like what it sounds. The panelling or tiling of the ceiling is hung from the true ceiling. It’s especially useful in older buildings that may have aged fixtures or ugly industrial features like air conditioning vents or wires. You can instantly modernise an older room such as creating recessed ceiling with hidden lighting features, or add some old-world charm by using decorative cornices.

Easy to install

Austratus can be used as a suspended ceiling system and is available in both Western Red Cedar and Hemlock timber. Both are durable, versatile and easy to work with, and Western Red Cedar in particular is able to be suspended for long uninterrupted spans.

Suspended ceilings were previously thought to be too difficult and too expensive by many, but with Austratus’s patent-pending clip-on system suspended ceiling installation is now a breeze. Providing all the ease of an off-the-shelf product, the Austratus system involves a hanging rod and clip system. Simply clip your timber panels in and go.

Our Western Red Cedar and Hemlock suspended ceiling products are available in a range of profiles, including fin or flat, allowing you to create depth and dynamic shadows and lines. Choose raw timber and let it shine, or one of our many coating options to achieve a matte or satin look.

Provides soundproofing

Why else should you choose suspended ceiling panels? In addition to look, thermal and acoustic performance is an incredible benefit of Austratus suspended ceiling systems.

Western Red Cedar and Hemlock can help control reverberated noise, softening and directing sounds (perfect for media rooms!). Austratus already has a natural acoustic rating and this can be enhanced with additional insulation – simply ask us for advice on how to do this.

And Western Red Cedar outperforms other softwoods and brick on thermal insulation every time.

Get your own suspended ceiling project started

Modinex is the smart choice for suspended ceilings. Find out more about our suspended ceiling systems on our website, and call us on 1800 156 455 to get started.