The beauty of timber

A carbon negative architectural design solution, whilst embracing biophilia

Hinoki is a very unique timber. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, there is no timber more suitable for joinery and cladding applications. The wood’s natural fragrance is also highly valued and has been proven to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body.

It can be used in furniture making, lining boards, benchtops, cladding, decking, and screening, to name a few.


Passed down through generations, is our focus on the sustainable supply of PEFC™ and FSC™certified timber. Modinex hand selects the highest grade logs from our supply partners, which are then sawn in close proximity to the sustainably managed forest to reduce transport emission. They are then further processed in our Queensland facilities new next generation energy efficient machinery.

Our strong partnership with forest owners in Australian & Canada for over 40 years, ensures a consistent supply of high quality PEFC™ certified timber. As part of Defining a Higher Standard® of forest stewardship our supply partners are continuing to grow mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations.  Since 2015, Modinex has held PEFC™ Chain of Custody certification which has been maintained for 8 years after passing regular audits. Chair of custody is essential in ensuring the responsible and sustainable harvesting and processing of timber and providing transparency to our clients.

Technical Facts

Botanical Name: Chamaecyparis Obtusa
Species Category: Softwoods
Sustainable Certification Available: PEFC
Dry Density (Seasoned): 440kg/m3
Janka Dry Hardness: 2.2Kn
Durability Above Ground Class: Class 2
Indoor Group Fire Rating (AS 5637.1): Group 3
Indoor Group Fire Rating
(If Fireshield is applied):
Group 1
BAL Fire Rating (AS 15030.8.3): BAL12.5