Ceramic Coated Panels striking, original style that brings your walls to life combined with maintenance-free living and durability that lasts the distance. Ceramic-coated panels protect against the elements while supporting healthy, comfortable living – along with surprisingly low maintenance for decades to come.
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Step 1: Select Size


Step 2: Select Material

Concrete & Fibre Cement

Step 3: Select Colour

Directone White
Fiotto Beige
Fiotto Black
Fiotto White
Maree Stone White
Modern Slit White
Sephiro Wood Black
Sephiro Wood Grey
Sephiro Wood Oak
Sephiro Wood Smoke
Sephiro Wood Walnut

Step 4: Start Building Your Design


External Pre-Formed Corner Horizontal

Available in branded colours

Touch Up Colour

Available in branded colours

Starter Bar - Horizontal Black 3030mm

Starter Bar - Vertical Black 3030mm

Single Flange Strip Yonekin 1820mm

Double Flange Strip Yonekin 3030mm

External Corner Aluminium

Available in branded colours

Internal Corner Aluminium

H Joiner Aluminium

Available in branded colours

H Transfer Aluminium

Available in branded colours

Spacer 15x40x45mm (22/Stick)

15mm Panel Clips Horizontal & Vertical (Each)

15mm Clips for Horizontal Corners (Each)

Direct Fastening Nails 65 Wood Frames (Each)

Panel Clip Screws Wood Frames (Each)

How It Works

Features and Benefits

All Modinex Group products deliver a superior look and feel, and a low maintenance approach - the perfect solution.

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