New-age composite cladding unleashes creativity

One of the most innovative composite cladding ranges on the market just got better, with a new product allowing even more creative choice.

Urbanline has extended its Vulcan range with the introduction of Vulcan Zara Cladding featuring five new, different shaped profiles.

With its ‘chunkier’ options, the new profiles can be mixed and matched for a distinctive, asymmetrical finish or used uniformly for streamlined class. They pave the way for standout design features including shadowlines and 3D effects.

Best of all, the new looks come with all the inherent benefits of a thermally modified wood product.

The thermal modification process uses heat to ‘cook’ solid timber and permanently change its properties. The result is stable, durable material that resists decay and rot and provides a 30-year service life for above-ground applications such as cladding and decking. It’s not only long-lasting but also maintenance free and easy to install.

Incredible strong yet lightweight, its patented vertical grain prevents surface cracks and reduces movement by up to 90% compared to other species.

Sourced from New Zealand’s renewable plantations, it also has FSC Certification and is free of chemicals and preservatives.

Vulcan Zara cladding is brilliantly showcased within the state-of-the-art headquarters of Vodafone in Christchurch New Zealand. While helping the building achieve its Green Star rating, the product injects a warmth and striking look to the stylish, technology-focused design. Unlike most other projects, the new Vulcan product was used extensively inside the building which is quite unique considering its usual external application.

Offering a seamless flow between the inside and out, it ticks the boxes for durability and performance – and was the perfect choice for a project promoting sustainability, wellbeing and business success.

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