Local Governments are encouraging the use of timber

The recent resolution passed by the Australian Local Government Association encourage the use of timber.

Why you should be using wood when building

The recent resolution passed by the Australian Local Government Association heralds new opportunities for builders and architects to embrace the use of wood in building construction.

The economic and environmental benefits from using wood for building have inspired the Local Government to officially support sustainable building design using timber. When grown and harvested sustainably, wood is highly cost-efficient and renewable, offering both economic and environmental advantages.

Through sustainable timber harvesting, the Australian timber and forestry industry will provide more local workers with jobs to help support the nation’s long-term economic stability. Wood offers builders and architects a cost-effective solution for sustainably designed houses, as more and more Australians seek energy efficient homes that use natural, recyclable materials.

Using wood for building offers many positive environmental benefits. Wood has one of the lowest carbon footprints of all building materials. This is due to many factors:

Responsible forestry has made wood a renewable resource, unlike steel, aluminium, concrete and plastic building materials
As wood is highly durable, timber provides a long-lasting option for building design
Building with wood uses up less energy than other materials
Constructions made out of wood are much more energy efficient, requiring less energy to operate over a building’s life cycle
Timber products store carbon in their wood fibres, helping to minimise our carbon footprint over the long term
The growing demand for renewable materials such as wood can be attributed to the increasing trend of green and sustainably designed houses.

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