How to choose the best decking material

Why choose real timber for decking?

Real timber boasts authenticity, elegance, and practicality. Its natural beauty and sophisticated finish make it ideal for modern architectural application. Real timber works well in residential homes as decks, landings, courtyards or alfresco areas. It features a gently curved top face, which softens the visual appeal and makes it perfect for wandering barefoot. It is also a great option for urban areas, commercial buildings, landscaping designs, and multi-dwelling. Real timber decking offers timeless style, convenience, and is simple to install.

Why choose composite wood decking?

If you’re searching for something that will stand the test of time, and win the battle against adverse weather conditions, look no further than composite wood decking.

Our composite wood decking is designed to offer maintenance-free practicality and style. Composite decking material consists of a unique mineral blend that looks so close to real timber, you’ll be shocked it’s not. The stable and durable nature of composite decking makes it ideal for public spaces, boardwalks and wetlands, heavy traffic areas, unsheltered areas or harsh environments, body corporate areas, and mining campsites. Its water and stain resistance promote longevity in these spaces.

Composite wood has high-slip resistance and offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. It’s guaranteed not to rot or split, making it an excellent choice for wet or pool areas. Install a composite wood deck in confidence, anywhere your heart desires. With style, low-maintenance, and durability, you really can’t go wrong!

Why choose nail-free decking?

Nail-free decking creates a seamless finish on every material. It can be used on both timber decking and composite wood decking, and is installed using a smart fastener system.

This innovative installation method is fast, and has several benefits including appealing aesthetics, increased safety, and minimal waste. The deck is completely free from nails, boasting a perfectly smooth finish. The hidden deck fasteners reduce the risk of splitting, splintering, cupping and rotting. The issue of rusty nails is a thing of the past!

What is the best timber for decking?

The team at Urbanline offer a range of hardwood timber and composite varieties for your decking preferences. The best real timber varities of decking consist of Blackbutt, Ironbark and Spotted Gum Timber.

Blackbutt Timber Decking Why should you consider blackbutt timber for your next decking project? Other than having an impeccable colour and texture, blackbutt timber is a very strong and durable timber, making it perfect for decking. Ironbark Timber Decking Ironbark timber is considered highly durable and one of its best qualities is its lengthy lifespan. If you are looking for a sturdy, hardwood decking then Ironbark timber is worth considering. Spotted Gum Timber Decking Spotted Gum timber is a very sustaible choice and has very low shrinkage.

It’s strong, naturally termite resistant and is low in tannins compared to other hardwoods, making it another worthwhile consideration for your timber decking project.

Urbanline – The Timber Decking Experts

Whatever your preference may be, if you need extra guidance or advice on which road to take, contact the expert team at Urbanline. Together we can plan the perfect decking solution for you!