Designing with Biophilic Hardwood Timber Panelling

Modinex provides timber panelling and lining for all interior applications. With a variety of profiles, board widths and timber species, our range is the finishing touch your design needs.


Spotted Gum
Spotted Gum offers a range of stunning hues, varying between deep browns, rich reds and pale greys that can lend depth and interest to your space.

With a straight grain and warm hues ranging from blonde wood to medium browns, Blackbutt is the perfect timber for interior panelling and lining.

Tough, dense and utterly beautiful, Ironbark features striking red tones that provide an intense warmth when it’s used as a timber lining material.

American Oak
For a more contemporary look, American White Oak offers a lighter colour palette that can brighten your space, particularly when installed on ceilings.

New Guinea Rosewood
New Guinea Rosewood is a tropical hardwood with rich, warm hues and a fine texture that’s ideal for creating highly detailed feature walls and panelling.

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Our Complete Range of Interior Timber Linings

Modinex offers an incredible range of timber panelling and linings for interior applications.

Timber has long been a favourite material for flooring and trims. When used indoors, timber lends a touch of nature and warmth that is difficult to replicate any other way.
If you want to take things a step further, interior timber linings can soften your design and help you set the tone for your ideal lifestyle. Produced in a variety of local and imported species, our timber linings can enrich any space you’re envisioning.

Also known as interior timber cladding, we support projects of every size with a complete system of timber panelling and linings. Our system includes:

– Linings
– Panelling
– Interior cladding
– Tongue and groove panelling
– Secret nailed options
– Matching trims

Using the Modinex system provides a sleek, unified finish. Speak with our team to find out more.

Timber Wall and Ceiling Linings

More and more, contemporary design trends are seeing us invite nature into our homes, and timber linings are the perfect way to achieve your vision.

Modinex supplies a range of timber lining and panelling that’s ideal for installation on both walls and ceilings.

When used as a wall lining, timber panels immediately enrich the space, providing an unrivalled sense of warmth and comfort. They’re the perfect canvas for most interior design aesthetics, and our team can help you create a look that matches your flooring, furniture and colour palette.

For the bold, timber linings can also be installed on interior ceilings. This offers a classic effect that helps your home stand out, rather than blend in. Timber ceilings can be paired with timber wall linings for a cohesive effect, or they can be contrasted against white walls for a timeless look.

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Enrich Your Design With Timber Panelling for Feature Walls

You can enjoy the look and feel of timber walls without installing them all over your home!

Timber feature walls are the perfect addition to any design. When paired with painted walls, timber linings stand out, creating a focal point in your design.

This works especially well when interior timber linings are paired with contrasting paint schemes and furniture.