The Importance of Compliant CodeMark Aluminium Timber Grain Powdercoated Cladding

What is Code Mark cladding certification?

CodeMark cladding certification is a voluntary building product certification scheme used in Australia and New Zealand. It provides assurance to regulatory authorities and end-users that a building product complies with specified performance standards, regulatory requirements, and building codes. The certification process involves thorough testing, assessment, and ongoing surveillance of the product’s manufacturing processes. Modinex have a range of Code Mark certified aluminium cladding or fibre cement cladding products. Click here to view all Code Mark certified cladding products.

Why use Code Mark compliant cladding (compliant aluminium cladding)?

Using Code Mark compliant cladding offers several benefits:

Regulatory Compliance: Code Mark compliant Alu-Selekta aluminium timber grain cladding ensures that your building project meets the regulatory requirements set forth in the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia and New Zealand. This helps to avoid legal issues and ensures the safety and quality of the structure.

Quality Assurance: Products that carry the Code Mark certification have undergone thorough testing and assessment to ensure they meet the required performance standards. This provides assurance of quality and reliability for builders and property owners.

Risk Mitigation: By using Code Mark compliant cladding, you mitigate the risk of using non-compliant materials that may lead to safety hazards, building failures, or costly remediation efforts in the future.

Insurance and Financing: Some insurance providers and financial institutions may require Code Mark compliant materials as part of their risk assessment criteria. Using certified products can facilitate smoother insurance coverage and financing processes.

Consumer Confidence: Consumers, including homeowners and tenants, may have greater confidence in buildings constructed using Code Mark compliant materials, knowing that they have been rigorously tested and approved for use in construction projects.

Overall, the use of Code Mark compliant cladding helps ensure that buildings are constructed to high standards of safety, quality, and compliance with regulatory requirements.Using Code Mark compliant cladding offers several benefits.

How do I know if aluminium cladding is Code Mark certified?

To determine if a cladding product is CodeMark certified, you can follow these steps:

Check the Product Labeling or Packaging: Look for the CodeMark logo on the cladding product’s packaging or labeling. The logo typically includes the CodeMark symbol along with a certification number specific to that product.

Visit the CodeMark Website: Go to the official CodeMark website for your region (Australia or New Zealand) and use their search function to verify the certification of the cladding product. You may need to input the certification number or the name of the product to conduct the search.

Contact the Manufacturer: If you cannot find the CodeMark logo on the cladding product or if you’re unsure about its certification status, reach out to the manufacturer directly. They should be able to provide you with information regarding the product’s certification status and any related documentation.

Consult with Building Authorities: Building authorities in your region may maintain lists of CodeMark certified products, including cladding materials. Contact them or check their website for information on certified cladding products.

Review Documentation: If you have access to documentation related to the cladding product, such as technical specifications or installation manuals, check for any references to CodeMark certification. Manufacturers often include this information in their product documentation.

By following these steps, you can verify whether a cladding product is CodeMark certified. It’s important to ensure that the cladding used in construction projects meets the necessary standards for safety, compliance, and performance. All of Modinex’s Alu Selekta Channel and Castelation aluminium timber grain cladding Code Mark certification is available on our website.

More information can be found on our compliance page.