Charred Cladding: Enhanced Natural Beauty

Modinex supplies charred timber cladding in a variety of profiles. This highlights the natural beauty of our timbers and gives you the freedom to design spaces that stand out.

Our Charred Timber Products

Charred Timber Cladding
Charred timber cladding is strikingly bold. Made from blackened, burnt timber, this type of cladding not only looks fantastic, it stands the test of time. Our charring process delivers even colouration and deep protection. The act of charring timber increases its durability and provides a finished product that’s resistant to moisture, pests, UV and even bushfire. If you want a cladding product that can bring new dimension and sophistication to your design, our charre range is the perfect solution.

Charred Timber Panelling
Bring the beauty of charred timber finishes to any design with charred timber panelling by Modinex. Our charred timber panelling is suitable for installation on all exterior walls and ceilings. It provides excellent performance against Australia’s sun and storms, and the panel format makes it even easier to install. We supply charred timber panelling, cladding and screening in a variety of hardwood timbers, so we can specify a product for every design aesthetic.

Charred Timber Screening
Turn exterior screening into a stunning feature with our range of charred timber screening products. With Modinex’s simple installation system, our cladding and panelling can be used as interior and exterior screening. Outdoors, charred timber screening delivers privacy and separation without compromising on aesthetics. Indoors, it adds a moody and sophisticated touch. This high performance screening option is ideal for privacy and sound barriers, wind breaks, patios and pergolas, shading and anything else you can imagine.

Why Charred Timber Cladding is Perfect for the Australian Climate

Charred timber cladding is one of the hardest wearing cladding options on the Australian market. During the charring process, the top layer of each timber board is burnt, carbonising the timber. This thin layer of carbon increases the durability and longevity of the boards. It also makes them more resistant to moisture, pests, bushfire and weather damage.

When installed above ground as cladding, our charred timber products feature a Durability Class 1 rating, meaning they can last for 40+ years with proper maintenance.

Modinex has also simplified the process of maintaining your charred timber cladding. We supply our cladding, panelling and screening products pre-finished with a protective coating. This coating out-performs penetrative oils and can dramatically improve the long-term durability of our charred timber claddings.

The History of Charred Timber Cladding and Shou Sugi Ban

Modinex produces charred timber cladding using Shou Sugi Ban – a traditional Japanese technique. Shou Sugi ban dates back to 18th century Japan, where it was used to preserve timbers that served as cladding and roofing materials. As a country that experiences hot summers, violent typhoons and snowy winters, Japan’s exterior cladding needs additional protection. Shou Sugi Ban preserved the timber and made it resistant to these harsh weather conditions, significantly extending its lifespan.

These days, we draw inspiration from Japan’s traditional craftsmen, but we put a modern spin on the process. With industrial machinery, we can create an even layer of charred material without combusting the timber. This leads to a superior product in both appearance and performance.