Breathe New Life on Your Interior Walls With Cedar Panelling

Timber cladding in Western Red Cedar is guaranteed to raise the visual appeal of interior or exterior walls to a whole new refreshing level. In interior applications especially, timber cladding adds a style and warmth that can completely transform the room.

Style vs Practicality

The dynamics of design often require a compromise between style and practical objectives. Not so with Western Red Cedar sourced from Cedar Sales.

Cedar Sales offers a broad range of timber cladding products that will add distinct character and style to any building design – modern or traditional.

Cedar Sales’ Western Red Cedar solutions provide stylish thermal protection, excellent acoustic buffering, long-lasting durability, and an environment-friendly material choice.

Green Timber Cladding

All raw Western Red Cedar products from Cedar Sales are GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified, with GreenTag Certified Platinum Ratings available for the majority of their products.

Learn more about the sustainability of Western Red Cedar in a post we created in 2018. Going Green is important, and using timber in your construction and architectural projects is a great way to do that!

Contact us to find out how our timber cladding, panelling and other products can help you become more green without compromising on beauty.