Australian Deck Maintenance – A Quick Guide

Importance of Australian deck maintenance

1. Preserve the value of your house

The Australian climate is ideal for outdoor entertaining, so an outdoor area can add real value to your property, especially a timber deck. However, as we know, timber decks are not resilient to the impacts of extreme weather, so it will be important to learn how to maintain deck timber in Australia.

2. Provide a slice of Australia’s great outdoors

The Australian climate is something to make the most of, so it is no surprise a timber deck is an Australian essential, transforming an outdoor area and connecting a living space with nature.

3. Adds natural beauty to the house

Timber decking provides a wonderful addition to any house, and the range of available hardwoods offer a unique and varied appearance with its own character, grain, colour and texture.

How To Maintain an Australian Deck

1. Clean it regularly

Throughout the year, remove cobwebs, dirt and debris from overhangs and anything covering the deck. Like the space inside your home, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to remain in good condition and safe. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a self-cleaning deck. However, your deck just needs an annual deep clean to keep mould and bacteria from building up in the boards.

2. Inspect it regularly

Be vigilant about damage periodically in the year for soft or splintered spots, loose nails, deck attachments, split or rotten planks, and regularly fix any damage that presents a health or safety hazard.

3. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear

The type of furniture on your deck can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Avoid chair and table legs that can inflict scrapes, as well as rugs made of natural fibres that absorb moisture and promote mildew, such as jute and bamboo.

4. Make repairs when necessary

A timber deck will last anywhere between 15 to 40 years. If your deck is showing signs of age, considering replacing the deck boards. However, if the damage is a cosmetic issue, remove the plank, flip and refasten it.

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