Architectural Timber Flooring

We offer timber flooring in both Australian and imported timber species. Our range is available in multiple widths of tongue and groove profiles that are suitable for top nailing and secret nailing.


Spotted Gum
Known for its durability and attractive markings, Spotted Gum is a popular Australian hardwood that can transform any space with its rich hues.

Blackbutt is a durable Australian hardwood with a straight grain and warm, blonde to medium brown hues, making it perfect for interior flooring.

Ironbark is a tough Australian hardwood, known for its dense grain and exceptional durability in flooring applications. Available in grey and red ironbark.

American White Oak
American White Oak is a versatile timber with a light colour palette and distinctive grain that has made it popular for flooring with a blonde tone.

Victorian Ash
Victorian Ash is an Australian hardwood with a straight grain and pale colour that’s prized for its workability and the high quality of finish it offers.

French Oak
French Oak is celebrated for its beautiful grain, strength and resilience, making it an excellent choice for timber flooring, especially once stained.

Australian Timber Flooring by Modinex

Modinex offers a range of Australian timber flooring that can lend a sense of uniqueness and beauty to any project.

Our collection is designed to reflect stability and timeless luxury, while still serving the current era of architectural design. With access to timber flooring in a multitude of species, we can help you craft a space that’s rich with the natural warmth of timber.

At Modinex, we believe in providing more than just flooring products.

We offer a comprehensive range that can embolden or complement your architectural design. Every one of our wide-board planks is rich with patina and carefully cut, selected and dried for optimum performance.

That means you’ll be able to enjoy our timber flooring solutions for generations to come.

Why Choose Australian Timber Flooring Over Imported Timber

Timber floors are one of the best additions you’ll ever make to your home. While genuine hardwood timber is an investment, it’s the most stunning and durable flooring material in the world.

Given the scale of flooring projects, we recommend going the extra mile and selecting Australian timber flooring over imported timber.

Australian timber flooring is produced from species like Spotted Gum and Blackbutt. While these timbers come at a premium, they offer the best performance in Australia’s harsh climate.

Our Timber Flooring Difference

Modinex makes your ideas into reality.

We know that timber flooring can set the mood for your entire home. The right flooring impacts your choice of design aesthetic, colour palette, furniture selection and much more.
When you work with us, we’ll use your personal décor plan to design a space that caters to your individuality and how you use your home. With our stunning range of Australian timber flooring and imported species, we can craft a flooring package that’s unique to you.

Each concept begins with tones.

If you’re searching for the trendy, muted tones of a blonde species, we offer timber flooring made from French Oak, American Oak, Blackbutt and Tallowwood. If you’re after a deeper hue, our rich timbers include Grey Ironbark and Queensland Spotted Gum.

Regardless of the timber you choose, we place an emphasis on optimising the timber’s natural features. We achieve this through wide tongue and groove boards that provide plenty of room for the grain to shine through.

We can also discuss timber ceiling linings, feature walls and screening. These can be produced in the same timber species, or we can juxtapose two selections for complementary tones.

Our Sustainability Practices

Modinex is committed to creating sustainable, stunning spaces through responsibly-sourced timber.

Our Australian and important timber flooring comes from plantations we trust. That helps us reduce our impact on the environment, and minimises the amount of transport and processing involved with each of our products.
Australian timber flooring not only looks fantastic, it can last for decades with proper maintenance. At the end of its life, the timber can be returned to nature or upcycled, leaving no harmful trace behind.

Contact our team to find out more about our sustainability practices and responsibly-sourced hardwood timber flooring.

Timber Flooring FAQs

What’s the difference between solid timber and engineered timber flooring?
As the names suggest, solid flooring comes from full timber boards that are cut, dried and machined from the tree.

Engineered products combine the beauty of natural timber from a layer, or lamina, of timber being added to a manufactured substrate, usually plywood. The advantage of this is that solid timber lamina exponentially decreases the volume of natural timber required but, nevertheless, gives board strength and stability.

How long will my timber flooring take to install?
The installation process for timber floors can depend on two criteria:

– The construction type of the building
– The type of flooring chosen

Concrete substrates may need sealing and levelling before installation of flooring. Natural flooring may need acclimatisation before laying, sanding and adding a polished coating.
Generally, one advantage of the engineered, pre-finished flooring is the quick installation process. Therefore, installation may be as fast as several days to solid flooring taking two weeks.

Is timber flooring easy to maintain?
Simply answered – YES!

Regular maintenance only involves regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove with a damp (not wet) mop periodically. Avoid heavy solid shoes that can collect sand & stones that may damage the polished surface.

Due to all of Coach House Timbers flooring having a MINIMUM 6mm wear layer, sanding and repolishing ensure years of service.

Can solid timber flooring be installed in any room?
Yes! Solid timber flooring and our solid 6mm laminate engineered flooring can be installed in almost any room.

However, it is important to consider the room’s usage and function. For example, western facing aspects or open fireplaces can affect moisture equilibrium. But at Coach House Timbers, our years of experience and expertise is available to guide and help your choice.

We make your ideas work!