Advantages of a Timber Partition Wall

Discussing the addition of a partition wall may conjure memories of free-standing, semi-permanent walls, that you may have seen used in office spaces and classrooms. They can be drab and uninspired, favouring function over everything. Timber partition walls are a far cry from this option. With the help of Modinex they can become a beautiful feature of your room while still upholding their most basic function, which is to easily divide up the space in your office, home or public space. Here’s why you should consider a timber partition wall for your next interior project!

Advantages of a Timber Partition Wall

1. Divide Your Space Efficiently

At its core a partition wall is used to divide up a larger space, and can be an appropriate solution for a vast number of situations. They are a popular choice for a number of reasons.

They are a cost-effective alternative to installing a brick and mortar wall, which can be both labour intensive and costly. Our timber partition walls use a clip system that can be installed by a general builder or trade assistant.

Some timber partition designs are semi-permanent, meaning they can be moved and reused in new arrangements. That way if your needs change, you can adjust as you see fit. This is one major shortcoming of a permanent wall that a partition wall is sometimes able to avoid.

2. Add Depth to Your Space

Timber partition walls are often layered, meaning that they are a very clever way to add an element of depth to your wall. Take it one step further by choosing a stepped arrangement, where every second timber slat is raised. This creates a compelling and distinct partition that is a feature all it’s own.

A Modinex partition wall such as the one pictured below helps to close off the seated area while also inviting a view of the larger area. This can provide the illusion of extra space, toeing the line between private and communal.

3. Versatility of Timber Partitions

As there are numerous types of partition walls available as part of our partition wall systems, you can be sure to achieve the final look you desire! Timber is an extremely versatile material, with a number of finishes available as part of your partition system. It’s also a fantastic option for interior pieces, as it is familiar, warm and provides a natural element of beauty.

Choose from a range of final profiles, widths, heights and timber species to create your perfect partition. Looking for a little more privacy? Select a flatter profile, with smaller gaps between slats. The timber partition can be low-set, incorporated into seating, combined with a suspended timber ceiling and many more.

4. Create a Stunning Feature Wall

Make the most of your new timber wall! While we’ve talked a little about how easily they can be incorporated into a new space, they can also be used in a space as a feature all on their own. If you’re adding a new wall, why not make it something as stunning as a timber partition system?

For more information about creating your ideal timber partition, contact the team at Modinex today. Our timber systems are perfect for new space!