5 Ways to Refresh Your Deck This Spring

Growing up in Australia, there’s a strong chance many of your memories were made on the homes greatest platform- the deck. Late lunches, sunset drinks, pool parties and the annual boxing day BBQ.

The atmosphere of the deck provides for all Aussie occasions. Lovers of the great outdoors, our social life’s greatest stage, decks are a part of Australia’s soul. As spring begins to bloom, you may be searching for new ideas to revive your deck for the vibrant season of soirees ahead.

1. How to clean decking

To maintain your deck’s vibrancy all year around, it is imperative to know how to regularly clean decking, as giving your deck frequent attention can avoid a larger work load down the track.

Firstly, remove leaves, dirt and other debris with a decent outdoor broom purchased from any hardware store. Doing so will prevent unwanted particles building up and damaging your deck. To finish, use a high-pressure cleaner, to wash away any excess grime. Ensure, you follow instructions on how to safely use your pressure washer to clean decking. If you don’t have a pressure washer, a hose and some extra elbow grease will work too. For the best result, we recommend using our specialised wood and composite cleaner.

This simple two step job requires little effort for a large reward. It doesn’t take long and will give your deck a new lease on life, whilst promoting its lifespan.

2. General Repairs

Whilst outdoor living is desirable in Australia, your deck may endure some of the consequences of a variety of weather types.

Therefore, it is vital for your whole neighbourhood’s safety, to regularly inspect your deck for necessary maintenance and repairs. Rusted or loose screws, rotted timber and bug infestations are just a few problems you may encounter.

If you suspect any of these issues, it is well worth taking the necessary measures to restore your deck to its full potential.

3. Re-sealing

Reseal your timber deck with an oil based protectant, it’s the base ingredient to a fresh look. The thirsty timber will absorb the protectant, making it look practically brand new.

This key step is essential to the aesthetics and longevity of your deck as without a regular reseal, your deck may warp, become infested with insects or rot. Prior to the oil resealing, follow the above ‘how to’ steps for cleaning your deck. For stand out results, we recommend using the professional grade Cutek wood oil.

It’s an easy-to-use wood protector, designed for optimum absorption to showcase your timber’s natural beauty. To guarantee an even finish, stir well, do not shake, apply your product by painting the edges with a brush before switching to a foam roller to avoid obvious ‘framing’. Now that your old deck has been reinstated to glory, you may be looking for some fresh ideas to compliment your spring oasis.

4. Adding Plants

Plants can make any old space come alive and restore your love for your deck. A cost-effective game changer, you won’t believe the fresh vibes these natural beauties will bring.

Depending on your ideas of the style you wish to create on your deck, the climate in which you reside and the position of your deck- a variety of plant ideas await you. If your deck is bathed in sunlight and you live in a sub-tropical climate, try potting a frangipani cutting to create an island vibe. Alternatively, if your deck is situated in the cooler Southern states, make the most of our native flower friend, the ‘Correa’.

Its fuchsia bulbs will cascade from hanging pots, elegantly framing your deck.

5. Adding Feature Lights

To give your restored timber deck that added shine at your next party, make the most of a new lighting scenario to create your desired atmosphere.

If you are in need of a central feature, get creative with a stand out light shade, or for a more temporary effect, a workable string of fairy lights always delivers ambiance. Still feeling that lingering winter chill? Keeping in the theme of light, you may also consider a timber friendly brazier or fire bowl option to provide warmth and ambiance for your evening guests.

Ensure you place the fire bowl on a non-combustible surface such as some brick pavers or stone tiles.

Follow our lead and your deck will be the life of this Spring party season.

A regular revamp will recover your love for outdoor living and leave you to relax assured that your beautiful deck is it up to safety standards. It’s Urbanline’s pleasure to inspire your deck remodelling ideas. As architectural experts, we are also skilled in decking construction and redevelopment. So, if you’re feeling like an altogether new deck is what you need, contact our friendly staff for a quote on your next decking project.