4 Reasons To Use Hemlock for Your Next Project

Benefits of Hemlock Timber Hemlock is naturally beautiful.

It’s an exquisite addition to any space, and offers an exotic and contemporary feel for an affordable price. Austratus proudly uses sustainably sourced Hemlock to produce outstanding results for our clients. Hemlock makes an architectural statement, and is an abundant, workable timber. Add ambience and enhance your internal décor with the beauty of Hemlock! It’s the perfect choice for your next design project.

Smooth & Stylish Look

Hemlock boasts a smooth and consistent surface with a fine-lined grain. It is eye-catching, and a sure winner when it comes to impressing its viewers. By working with Hemlock, Austratus provides clients with an abundance of opportunity. Hemlock is traditionally light blonde in colour, however we offer a selection of contemporary shades to suit every design project. Each shade finishes beautifully, and can be sanded to create a silky, reflective effect.

Hemlock panelling stays true to its natural beauty, ages gracefully, and is an affordable, premium timber. You can afford to bring your visions to life by choosing Hemlock.

Resilient surface

Hemlock wood is one of the strongest softwoods and offers great resistance to scratching, marring, and general wear. It is less inclined to warping and twisting, and grows harder with age. Its resilience is comparable to that of woods that are far more expensive, making it a valuable and worthwhile choice.

Perfect for coatings

The versatility of Hemlock makes it an ideal option for architects looking to create unique and expressive spaces. It accepts paint, stain, and clear finishes with exceptional results.

Hemlock’s incredible response to a variety of coatings means Austratus can work closely with architects to customise design projects and achieve any desired finish.

Easy to work with

Hemlock timber is a builder’s best friend! We love working with Hemlock, and the results speak for themselves. It responds well to planning, moulding, and can be screwed or nailed without the possibility of splitting.

Hemlock can be machined with precision, meaning the intricate details of your project can be addressed seamlessly. Hemlock’s stiffness and high bending strength ensures it performs highly, and lasts a lifetime.

Austratus’ Hemlock timber uses include suspended ceilings, timber ceilings, feature walls, and screens.

Explore your design options and start gathering inspiration for your next Hemlock project! To find out more about how Hemlock will work for you, give us a call or fill out the online contact form. We’d love to hear your ideas!