Blackbutt Timber Guide

Everything you need to know about Blackbutt Timber.

Blackbutt Timber Technical Information

Blackbutt :: Eucalyptus pilularis

Blackbutt is a commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink. Its grain is usually straight and texture is medium and even. Blackbutt is a versatile timber and is used for structural, exterior and interior applications. It is used for cladding, internal and external flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping and furniture. Blackbutt is also used in the manufacture of plywood. Blackbutt can be stained, painted or polished but there can be issues with painting because of its tendency to surface check.

Physical Properties

  • Dry Density (kg/m3) = 900
  • Janka Dry Hardness (kn) = 9.1

The Janka rating is the hardness level given to each species. The higher the number, the greater the hardness.


Fire Test – Certificate

Fire Test Report – Heat and smoke release rates


Colour Range Blonde
Janka (Hardness) Rating – Dry 9.1
Natural Durability Class In-ground contact 2
Outside above ground contact 1
Density (kg/m3) Unseasoned (Green) 1100
Seasoned (Dry) 880
Strength Group Unseasoned (Green) S2
Seasoned (Dry) SD2
Joint Group Unseasoned (Green) J2
Seasoned (Dry) JD2
Fire Indices Spread-of-Flame Index 9
Fire Rating BAL29