• — BAL12.5
  • — BAL19
  • — BAL29
  • — BAL40
  • — Non-combustible
  • — AS1530.1
  • — Sea Salt and Spray Tested

Features and benefits

Acoustic — Up to 0.9 NCR acoustic rated insulation available
Fire rating — Up to BAL 29 or Group 3 fire-rated timber species available (Group 1 if Fireshield coating is applied)
and aluminium profiles are AS1530.1 non-combustible or Group 1 fire rated
Sustainability — Profiles are available in a large range of sustainable timber species or in aluminium
(Green or Super Green to reduce CO2 emission by 50-75%)
Pre-finished — Available in a range of standard or custom pre-finished stains, colours and powder coat finishes
Application — Suitable for out of weather or external use

How it looks

Fin 30mmx30mm
Fin 30mmx40mm
Fin 30mmx60mm
Fin 30mmx140mm
Fin 30mmx190mm
Fin 40mmx40mm
Fin 40mmx60mm
Fin 40mmx90mm
Fin 40mmx140mm
Fin 40mmx190mm
VFin 30mmx60mm
Dome 30mmx40mm
Dome 40mmx60mm
Dome 40mmx90mm
Peak 42mmx40mm
Peak 42mmx60mm
Peak 42mmx90mm
Concave 60mmx30mm
Flat 29mmx16mm
Flat 40mmx18mm
Flat 60mmx23mm
Flat 90mmx19mm
Dowel 32mmx32mm
Dowel 40mmx40mm
Dowel 60mmx43mm


Our strong partnership with forest owners in Australia, Europe & Canada for over 40 years, ensures a consistent supply of high-quality PEFC™ and FSC™ certified timber. Modinex invests in the replantation of our native forest.

We are committed to manufacturing with zero waste from harvesting through to your completed product. During the harvesting process, all by-products such as sawdust, chips, and bark are sent to pulp and paper manufacturers, to create other sustainable sources products. When moulding profiles, and any by-product is then processed into a fine dust which is then used in organic soils.

With our commitment to achieving Net Zero emission by 2050, we offer a range of cladding and lining solution with an embodied energy as low at 0.5MJ/kg. Our collection of Canadian soft wood species has the lowest embodied energy. Due to their cellular structure, they can be seasoned and stabilised using natural resources without the use of a kiln.

All coatings used at Modinex are ultra-low VOC, taking our responsibility to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the ozone layer.


— Softwood

Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar - Select Tight Knot
Thermally Modified Hemlock
Alaskan Cedar

— Hardwood

American Oak
French Oak
Spotted Gum


Push-Pull Clip
Gold Clip
Purlin Right-Angled Clip
Austratus Fin TCR Clip Metal
Austratus Fin TCR Clip Poly
Acoustic Insulation Material
25mm, Density 48kg/m3
Matt Black
*Priced Per Bundle – Bundle Contains 17.28m2
Austratus Fin Direct Fix Clip Black
Austratus Spacer Smooth
5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm
Austratus Fin Joiner
Poly End Cap Aluminium Fins
30x40mm, 30x60mm, 30x90mm
Gloss Black
Top Cross Rail TCR Aluminium
Galvanised Rod
5mm x 3600mm
Wall Angle
35mm x 35mm, 3600mm Length

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