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Modinex has been crafting bespoke solutions for more than 40 years. We continually strive to innovate and deliver solutions that set new benchmarks for architectural timber products throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

40 years of architectural timber innovation.

Bespoke timber by Modinex

As leading suppliers of architectural building products, Modinex is at the forefront of product development, compliance and stunning design. Our mission is to drive our industry forwards and provide better choice, greater sustainability and more user-friendly product innovations than ever before.

We are significant but agile; professional but approachable. We are your partners in design.

Cedar Sales

Architectural Timber Specialists

Cedar Sales specialises in manufacturing innovative architectural timber linings, claddings and mouldings. With a blend of Australian and Canadian timbers, Cedar Sales delivers incredible spaces in homes and commercial applications.


A Cedar Sales Innovation

Austratus is a specially designed slatted timber and acoustic lining system for ceilings and walls. It is engineered to our stringent compliance standards and provides a stunning, cost-effective lining solution for every project.


Building Better Choice

Urbanline provides a variety of engineered architectural timber products. The range is fully engineered to stringent standards, and it includes cladding, lining and decking that’s perfect for creating architectural designs unlike any other.

Our team

We’re a team that loves to deliver inspired spaces.

The team behind Modinex is committed to adding character, style and value to every project. Meet the team to see the faces that will work alongside you to achieve any design you have in mind.

About Our Team

Our History

Modinex has been around for more than 40 years now.

That’s 40 years of development and innovation – 40 years of design, partnership and sourcing expertise. Our history is filled with unique moments and great triumphs, and we’d love to share the details with you.

Your design innovation partners

Modinex is much more than a manufacturer. We are pioneers, and innovators – we are your project design partner.

Our team is ready to support any development from start to finish. We work with architects, designers and builders to create projects that stand out. Delivering those kinds of results means going the extra mile, and Modinex is more than happy to provide any support you need.

As your project design partner, you’re welcome to come to us if you need to discuss timber species selection, custom profile design, unique combinations and bespoke finish options. We’re equipped to fulfil any request – the only limit is your imagination.

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Our factory includes precision moulding and machining capabilities, meaning we can match any existing profile in-house. We also provide custom manufacturing and design consultation services that allow us to create exciting new products for volume orders. This is all backed by our multifunctional coating plant that can deliver pre-primed, satin and colour finishes. That allows clients to customise our standard offerings and custom designs to suit your exact requirements.

Remember, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Talk to Modinex about your project today – we’re happy to discuss your requirements and develop a solution you’ll love.

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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We prioritise responsible sourcing practices and create products that feature some of the world’s most sustainable timber species. Together, these things mean that Modinex is leading the way in future-proofing our industry.

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