Say Goodbye to Oiling & Painting: Low Maintenance Decking Timber

Whether you’re looking to put a large space for entertaining in your backyard or fit out your business with an outdoor area, timber decking is a beautiful addition to any property.

The problem is, it can be demanding on your time.

Deck Maintenance

You cannot avoid maintenance if you opt for a timber deck for your home or business in Brisbane, Sydney, or practically anywhere else in Australia. Without regular routine maintenance of a timber deck it can warp, become infested with insects, rot, or start to look unsightly.

Oiling, panting, sanding and staining are some of the time-consuming and costly jobs that put you and your deck out of action.

On top of this, owners are often encouraged to use floor mats on their deck, use special mops for cleaning, avoid water contact entirely, remove pot plants and purchase protective pads for furniture. This is due to the lack of durability of most timber decking, despite its relatively high price.

Urbanline’s composite decking

Suitable for properties on the coast or inland, on roof terraces, balconies, jetties and boardwalks.

Although it offers the warm and natural allure of real timber, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking comes with none of the hassles because it is made of a combination of plant fibres and non-toxic polymers.

It withstands the large array of pests that attack timber decking; it doesn’t warp; and needs no oiling or painting.

If you are looking for the ultimate low-maintenance decking solution for your property take a look through our range of composite decking products.

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