Victorian Auditor-General’s Office

A move to some new floors in the same building offered the team at the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) the opportunity to also move into a more modern and agile work space.

The new fit-out offers break out areas for group work and meetings, and the infrastructure for an IT platform that supports a fully mobile and modern workforce.

Timeliness on this project was key – with the fit-out needing to be undertaken quickly and without impacting the busy day-to-day operations of this important office. Read on to find out how Austratus helped make this office move a success!

The Austratus Fin Profile offers a classic look for timber ceilings, wall panelling and screening. Available in a standard square Fin, and a tapered, V-Fin profile, Austratus Fin profiles add dimension and dynamic shadow lines to your space. Austratus Fin profiles are available in your choice of Western Red Cedar or Hemlock, as well as a range of raw, clear satin and vogue colour-wash finish options.

  • Location
    35 Collins Street
  • Builder
    Harris HMC
  • Products used
    Austratus Fin profile, Western Red Cedar, Lumba Black

The Austratus Difference

Baumgart Clark Architects were experiencing a challenge: they needed a lightweight timber ceiling and timber screening solution that wouldn’t require structural engineering and could be delivered and installed quickly for their VAGO fit-out project.

Not only that, but the product had to achieve an acoustic rating to deliver a quiet office and telephone spaces for this modern office. And while it had to look premium, cost effectiveness and value for money was essential.

Enter Austratus. Our lightweight timber battens in fin profile were the perfect solution. To meet the very tight time frames we stepped up, offering to work 24 hour shifts – machining the product throughout the night and working the weekend. In the end, we delivered 11,000l/m of sawn, profiled, coated and packaged timber to Melbourne in just seven working days. And, the architects were happy because they were able to re-use most of the existing rondo ceiling grid rods to work with the Austratus system.

We worked closely with Baumgart Clark Architects, and the builders Harris HMC and installers Cannard Hicks to ensure the entire process went as smooth as possible and the job was delivered quickly and efficiently.

The result was a sleek, inviting office that’s whisper quiet where needed and happy clients all around.

What do others say

Testimonial from Designer

“Austratus was able to deliver the product in an extraordinarily short amount of time. Our challenges were weight, timeframe, and a limited ability to do any structural engineering. Austratus was able to address all of these challenges with its proprietary clipping system and it worked really well with our acoustic strategy. Austratus was very accommodating to our needs and the result, has a client that couldn’t be happier with this lightweight, quick and natural product.”

Testimonial from Builder

“The Austratus Fin Profile is your choice for achieving extra depth and dimension. The classic square shape adds dynamic shadows to your space and allows your creative flair to truly stand out. Use curved or straight, you can create interest any way you choose. Choose to prefinish your Western Red Cedar timber to any shade to truly create an installation that fits your vision. And of course, natural timber is a high performer when it comes to acoustic absorption – perfect for busy office spaces.”

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