HiSmile Gold Coast

The HiSmile team and their builder and architect had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve: a stylish common area that made staff feel relaxed, yet still looked professional and high end.

Austratus flat profile, Hemlock dressed

With the relaxed coastal setting and nature of the product we feel the chosen Cove White finish was the perfect choice – giving a light and beachy feel that matches the energetic culture at HiSmile.

Our solution

Even though the space is not a shopfront, it was essential that every finish reflected the HiSmile attention to detail and looked beautifully modern – reflecting the team vibe and culture. And of course, value for money and an easy and fast installation process were vital.

Austratus fitted the bill in every way. Working with the clients, we selected the flat profile in Hemlock. It’s a choice that covers more space with less, yet still adds an amazing, premium finish to any office space. The timber panelling offers all the benefits you could expect: premium acoustic and thermal protection in a shared, busy office on the Gold Coast.

Create a classic timber lining effect simply and with ease.

The Austratus Flat Profile is your choice for covering more space with less timber, and creating a classically modern architectural style. The flat, square shape creates beautiful lines and shadows and allows the true beauty of timber to shine through. A completely versatile product, you can choose to create a moody dramatic finish, or a light and airy one with our large range of prefinish colours.

Welcome! This is the new home of Cedar Sales, Urbanline, and Austratus.
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