High-end home: Ivanhoe, Victoria

It’s a growing challenge: blending edgy design and architecture with the class and simplicity that established suburbs demand. With its emphasis on understated luxury, this high-end home in picturesque, prestigious Ivanhoe gets it right.

Urbanline Euro Selekta Clad is a unique, pre-finished HPL (high pressure laminate) cladding façade with a beautiful timber-grain-embossed surface which ticks many boxes for fire certification. Designed for stability and longevity with style, Euro Selekta Clad is eco-friendly, low maintenance and incredibly easy to install.

  • Location
    Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Vic
  • Builder
    Hamilton Marino Builders
  • Products
    Euro Selekta Clad in African Ebony

Architectural excellence for modern living

The statement feature is a huge black frame at the front, using Euro Selekta Clad in African Ebony. Set against pale cement sheeting, it showcases huge mirror windows that reflect nearby trees: a clever homage to the green, family-friendly neighbourhood.

Because African Ebony is a rare, expensive hardwood – on its way to extinction – this unique cladding manages to capture its coveted, distinctive look while keeping the precious timber where it should be.

Apart from its realistic and luxury finish, the many practical benefits of the Euro Selekta Clad was the reason behind the client using this on their build. It is very cost-effective, both at the point of purchase and long term, as well as highly durable, eco-friendly, maintenance free and incredibly easy to install.

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