Coomera Waters Residence

When Mark from MaxiSteel Homes came to build his own family home, it had to be different! Mark’s choices for the exterior facade of his home steered to Cedar Sales when he was on the search for something unique, a product that would give long life and install with ease. He made the great choice of Shiplap cladding in Western Red Cedar, delivered to site with first coating of Double Black Cutek Oil completed in production.

About this project

Our Shiplap boards are profiled to produce an overlap, which allows for a continuous cladding look and uninterrupted, clean lines. Shiplap timber cladding provides a modern and clean cedar finish that adds a touch of cladding class to any internal or external shiplap application.

Our timber lining boards can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications; including timber ceiling lining boards and cedar wall lining panels

  • Location
    Coomera Waters, QLD
  • Builder
    MaxiSteel Homes
  • Products Used
    Shiplap (SLE 133 x 18),  Shiplap (SLE 133 x 18 pre-oiled)

The genuine solution

The result is impressive; stunning black cladding embracing a large family friendly home, accented with bright red doors and manicured landscaped surroundings. Mark’s choices were backed up by his years of building experience, leading to practical and economical install and long life quality product.

Welcome! This is the new home of Cedar Sales, Urbanline, and Austratus.
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