Brunswick Residence

Melbourne’s Brunswick is close to all the inner city action with its own local artsy charm. This urban area is densely populated by mostly Victorian style buildings, but a surge in modern apartments is adding a little variety. We were proud to be part of one of these projects with Glenrich Builders, helping to breathe new modern life into this area.

The Austratus Fin Profile offers a classic look for timber ceilings, wall panelling and screening. Available in a standard square Fin, and a tapered, V-Fin profile, Austratus Fin profiles add dimension and dynamic shadow lines to your space. Austratus Fin profiles are available in your choice of Western Red Cedar or Hemlock, as well as a range of raw, clear satin and vogue colour-wash finish options.

  • Location
    Brunswick, VIC
  • Builder
    Glenrich Builders
  • Products used
    Austratus Fin profile, Hemlock, clear grade

Product Spotlight

The Austratus Fin Profile is your choice for achieving extra depth and dimension. The classic square shape adds dynamic shadows to your space and allows your creative flair to truly stand out – curved or straight, create interest any way you choose. Hemlock timber offers a naturally pale, attractive look and flexible applications. And of course, natural timber is a high performer when it comes to acoustic absorption – perfect for busy shared spaces.

The Austratus Difference

Austatus did what we do best – helped a builder and private owners achieve an incredible high-end look in a cost effective, easy way.

As builders who specialise in quality residential and commercial projects, Glenrich Builders only work with quality materials and suppliers. It’s their access to advanced industry resources and finding solutions that meet their clients’ needs that has seen them develop a 20-year reputation as a leader in the industry. It’s important to them they choose the best.

Enter Austratus for their most recent work to build three new apartments in tandem with an existing Victorian home in Brunswick. Glenrich Builders selected Austratus in Fin Hemlock to install a striking linear timber wall feature in the stairwell area. The angular Fin profile added both light and shade – deep dark shadows that contrasted with the lightly toned Hemlock timber. It makes a stunning statement – drawing the eye up and around the curves of the angular staircase and providing the perfect backdrop for hanging pendant lights.

It’s a choice that helped bring a true architectural finish to the home, adding resale value that genuinely impressed the clients, and the recent buyers. Best of all, it was incredibly easy for the builder to use, fitting into place with no fuss.

Testimonial from builder

“After seeing Austratus mentioned online I had kept an eye out for opportunities to use the product. I liked that it seemed easy to use while still looking great – and after using it for the first time on this job I’d say it definitely delivered. My team found this an easy system to use and the clients were blown away – it really helped sell the units, so they were very impressed. Dealing with Austratus was great, they were prompt, answered questions quickly and had excellent product knowledge.”

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