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Charred Timber Cladding

Beautiful charred timber finishes

Craft designs that blend into Australia’s beautiful landscapes with charred timber cladding from Modinex. Shou Sugi Ban timber is a stunning alternative to traditional finishes. Charred timber cladding not only looks fantastic, it provides excellent protection with low maintenance requirements.

Charred & Shou Sugi Ban


Elevate Your Space with Shou Sugi Ban Cladding

The elegance of charred timber cladding can turn any design into a masterwork. Charred using ancient Shou Sugi Ban techniques, our claddings offer incredible performance and a stunning aesthetic. Finished with a layer of natural char, Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding offers excellent protection against fires, storms and moisture.

This high performance cladding is the perfect choice for any project, and it looks right at home in the city or the outback. The Modinex range is based on our easy-to-install cladding system. It’s simple to work with and includes all the claddings, mouldings and finishes you need. If you’re looking to set your design apart, Modinex’s Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding is the perfect finishing touch.

An Ancient Tradition

Shou Sugi Ban (‘charred cedar’) is a special Japanese charring technique, inspired by an ancient tradition. Three slabs of pinewood would be bound together into the shape of a chimney and a fire was lit inside the base. This is how the facade parts of traditional Japanese wooden houses were given a fire retardant, sustainable, and natural protective layer. The treatment was introduced after Japan fell into a short supply of driftwood which was collected from the coastlines for its prized appearance and durability after enduring a natural treatment process of saltwater, surf and sun.

Shou Sugi Ban is still being applied in Japan. It is also used for modern buildings, designed by well-known architects such as Terunobu Fujimor. The process involves charring the wood, cooling it, cleaning it and finishing it with natural oil. Shou Sugi Ban style has been showcased in modern architecture as a black monolithic surface.The term Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板 simply translates to ‘burnt cedar board’.

Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship, Modern Techniques

Our fire masters char all our wood, one by one, in a controlled environment in our Moss Vale manufacturing facility. This way we can guarantee equal and uniform technical specifications. In our test centre, we continue to pioneer and innovate to find ways of charring, identify new sustainable wood types, and create new finishes with biodegradable resin and oil.

In our test centre, we continue to pioneer and innovate to find ways of charring, identify new sustainable wood types, and create new finishes with biodegradable resin and oil.

Why Use Charred Shou-Sugi Ban Cladding

Charred timber is a strong, resilient, and low-maintenance timber style that is often used in residential and commercial design due to its aesthetic appearance. The deep charcoal colour along with the texture of the charring creates a unique timber profile.

We combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with modern technology. The result is a beautiful collection of black charred wood types and profiles of the highest quality. Each contains its own exclusive texture, character and finish.

Charred Timber FAQs

What is Shou Sugi Ban?

Shou Sugi Ban is a traditional Japanese method of preserving timber by charring the surface. This creates a spectacular layer of black carbon that strengthens and protects the wood. At Modinex, timber is charred with specialist equipment that provides even coverage and a stunning result. Once it’s cool, it can . . .

What types of wood are suitable for charred timber cladding?

Several hardwood and softwood timber species are suitable as charred timber cladding. Western Red Cedar is ideal because it chars easily without scorching. Western Red Cedar in Knotty Grade responds especially well to charring, creating appealing effects in the timber.

Does charred timber need to be oiled?

Yes. Charred timber cladding needs to be oiled every 2-4 years to maintain its natural beauty and protective qualities. Left untreated, the charred timber layer will eventually break down, reducing the performance of your cladding. Charred timber claddings by Modinex are supplied pre-finished with high performance oils that match your . . .

How long does Shou Sugi Ban last?

Shou Sugi Ban can last 50+ years with proper care and maintenance. The lifespan of your timber cladding depends on the materials used, where the timber is installed, local weather conditions and the quality of the installation. Although the charring process offers excellent protection, charred timber cladding should still be . . .

Is charred timber fire resistant?

Yes. Shou Sugi Ban leaves a layer of carbon on top of our timber claddings. Charred timber is more difficult to ignite than raw wood, providing good fire resistance when compared to untreated timber. Modinex can deliver a charred timber solution that meets your fire rating requirements. Products like our . . .
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