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Create a sense of luxury and glamour that elevates your home to the next level with Stack Panel’s extensive range of high-end timber products that can be retrofitted, specified for a renovation, or installed as part of the building process.

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About Stack Panel

At Stack Panel, we’ve made it our business to become the experts in timber sheet and tile solutions so you can utilise our expertise, years of experience and access to amazing products to give your home the aesthetic appeal you’ve always wanted.

Stack Panel is an Australian based company specialising in timber decorative feature walls and ceilings. Our panels and tiles are all manufactured in Australia from sustainable and FSC certified materials.

So, whether you are a homeowner, architect, or builder, we have a product to suit your needs, showcasing the classic beauty of Western Red cedar to add unmatchable style and visual impact to any project. Stack Panel’s range of tile and sheet products are also diverse and versatile, suited to a wide variety of applications. This includes commercial, hospitality, government, retail and residential.

At Stack Panel, we are also dedicated to providing exceptional products and professional service to see every project thrive in style and achieve outstanding finished outcomes. For many years, we have been the preferred choice for architects, designers and builders across Australia and New Zealand.

Architectural Lining &
Sheet Specialists.


Our Popular Stack Panel Products

All Stack Panel products are produced in stunning Western Red Cedar & Hemlock. These timber species are widely regarded as the ultimate sustainable building products and have long been lauded for their strength, durability, and workability, as well as its dimensional stability. Western Red Cedar also has inherent resistance to decay and exceptional acoustic properties.

In addition to these outstanding physical properties, our products also benefit from the timeless beauty and warm, inviting tones of these exquisite timber. All products which are not Western Red Cedar or Western Hemlock are sourced from environmentally sustainable manufacturers and are fully certified to Australian Standards.

While the Stack Panel brand moves under the Modinex Group, you can still explore our cutting-edge range of quality timber tiles and linings. Below are some of our most popular Stack Panel products to browse.



Finipanel is a full sheet solution to a wall or ceiling, specifically for use in internal and semi-external out of weather applications. Create your unique space with an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable 100% engineered wood product Finipanel today.

Valchromat Panel

This innovative product combines colour, the soft texture and easy machining capability to provide you with full creative control. Made from recycled pine and mill waste, each wood fibre has been individually dyed to provide a consistent colour throughout.

Cedar Original Tile

Made entirely from PEFC Certified Western Red Cedar off cuts, in irregular sizes and composed into random patterns, Cedar Sales Original Tile brings artistic style, credible sustainability and multidimensional appeal to any space.

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