Joinery & Sawn Sections

At Modinex, we offer sawn timbers for cabinet makers and joiners who manufacturer their own components. Our range of strong joinery is rough and ready for crafting in several different timber materials.

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Our Joinery & Sawn Timber Sections

Complete the look of your timber features with Modinex’s selection of durable and stylish joinery. In terms of selecting your timber, Western Red Cedar is a strong and practical timber to work with, making it ideal for use in joinery for louvers, windows, and doors. As both a visually impressive and versatile wood, Western Red Cedar joinery complements a wide variety of architectural styles on the spectrum of modern and classical designs. We also can provide several other different timber materials depending on your custom joinery requests, so feel free to reach out to the Modinex team to discuss your project requirements.

Provide an impressive final touch to your timber windows and doors, with Modinex’s exceptional selection of joinery that can be made to suit the unique specifications of your project.

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