Modinex Finishes

Stunning finishes on timber and panel !

This department of the Modinex Group professionally applies coatings to timber and panel products through Spray lines and Roller Coaters.


The state of the art, modern Italian equipment sets the companies coating offering apart, with premium sanding, buffing, coating and brushing services.

The following services are available:

  • Satin UV clear finishes for out of weather applications, for sheet and lineal product.
  • Stained and Washed UV finishes showing grain through the coloured coatings for sheet and lineal product.
  • Oiled coatings for cladding, decking and screening suitable for external use.
  • Coloured spray finishes.
  • Wire brush finishes.

Having volume friendly production lines that apply commercial grade finishes, put economic advantages into the market to accelerate the concept of onsite efficiencies to save on site costs and challenges.

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